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.45 Adventure 2nd edition Archetype update

Rattrap Productions have made a change to the Archetype rules in the upcoming second edition of the .45 Adventure pulp skirmish rules. From their website:
I have posted numerous times that I am working on .45 Adventure 2nd edition. And I have posted many things about the rules. But sometimes, despite it all, something strikes and you decide to make a radical change. Well, that has happened. Now, before everyone gets too worried, it's not a change to the rules per se. I have decided to include the Archetype creation formulas in the rulebook and pare down the number of pre-generated archetypes. This means, you'll be able to create archetypes to your hearts content and cover any type hero or villain. The formula itself is not overly complex, though it is a tiny bit labor intensive. I am going to include about a dozen pre-generated archetypes as well so you can see how final ones look as you work out your own. If anyone cares why, I'll tell you. In the past, archetypes were one of the parts of the rulebook that I kept controlled. It allowed me to release new supplements that had specific archetypes attached. Now, I can still do that, but, if you have a different interpretation of the archetype, you'll be able to realize it.