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42nd Anniversary Edition of Cosmic Encounter Now Available


For sci-fi fans, it's a pretty important number (it's what you get when you multiply 6 by 9, if you ask a bag of Scrabble letters). It's also the number in the anniversary edition of Cosmic Encounter that's now available. For those of you that've yet to play this classic game, a new chance is upon you from Fantasy Flight.

From the webiste:

Across the universe, countless aliens have taken to the stars, seeking to spread their influence to the far reaches of space. Some might be great diplomats, turning to negotiations to accomplish their goals. Others might be more warlike, attempting to conquer everything in their path. Still others may be ruthless, or cunning, or very, very quirky as they attempt to colonize new planets. No matter what, when these aliens cross paths, anything is possible. The Cosmic Age has begun.

Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Editionis available now at your local retailer or online through our webstore!

For more than a generation, Cosmic Encounter has stood the test of time and become an unmitigated classic. Featuring enhanced components, an additional alien species, and several improvements designed to welcome new players, Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition offers you the chance to experience the definitive version of this time-honored game of intergalactic colonization. In every game, you’ll launch your ships through the Hyperspace Gate in bold bids to establish colonies on foreign planets. You’ll forge alliances with other players—and break them just as quickly. And you’ll take advantage of your alien’s unique power. Answer the call of the cosmos and enter the new cosmic age!