40K Radio purchased by Battlefoam

Battlefoam have announced that they have purchased the 40K Radio podcast and will be forming a new company to run the show.

From their announcement:

You may have heard that 40K Radio was cancelled a few weeks back.  Spencer needed some time off and was ready to move on.  Long story short, 40K Radio is back and better than ever.  We have purchased it from Spencer and will operate it under the Battle Foam LLC. Umbrella.  

40K Radio will be a new Arizona based business going under the name 40K Radio LLC.  Below is an intro on the show and what will actually transpire once we get started later this month.  I thought this would be something that would interest you.

The first show will be posted on July 15th as a half hour news brief and intro of new hosts. The first official show will be posted on August 1st and be set up as “We are back bigger and better than ever” show.

The format for the show will be as follows. 2 hours to 2.5 hours long.

  • .0 – .50  This Week In Gaming
  • .50 – 1.50  40K Segments
  • 1.50 – 2.0  Interviews / Special Segments
  • 2.0 – 2.25 Product Review
  • 2.25 – 2.50 This week in Podcasting

New Ownership will be Battle Foam LLC. 40KRadio is now an official Arizona Based Company and will go by 40KRadio LLC. Under the Battle Foam LLC. Umbrella. Production of the show and guest scheduling will be arranged and handled by Romeo Filip and Teras Cassidy.

The two hosts will be George Miller as 1st Chair and Rik Massei “Captain Rikarius” as 2nd Chair. 3rd Chair will be guest hosts from various pod cast from time to time.  

Spencer will not be part of the show but will stay in touch on the bootaz and will make guest appearances from time to time.