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4 new releases from Mierce Miniatures

Mierce Miniatures has four new minis available over in their webshop.

From the release:

We never did get around to those sneak peeks of Uuthüll... but that does not matter any longer, for the latest massive monstrosity from the insanely talented hands of Daniel Cockersell and Stefan Kopinski is unleashed upon an unsuspecting world right here in this news article!

Uuthüll is joined by three more new releases for January, too - another unpronouncable yet incredibly cool Dyndraig warrior for the Brythoniaid, Clundwr; the astonishingly mad three-headed Hydrar of Ýdron known as Hirakoth, for the Khthones; and the first of our Ax-Drunes, Arthyen of Carn Maen who bashes heads for Kernunnos. You can purchase all of these incredible miniatures right now!