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4 new releases and a black Dragon release for the Hobbit Artizan Market

Gary Hunt Miniatures has several new releases they've got in the works that'll be ready for the premier of the Hobbit.

From the update:

4 new packs of Clovis Minotaurs and Satyr have been released on my website and a Black Dragon is in the casting process right now.
The packs are as follows: Minotaur Standard bearer, Minotaur Champion, Leper Satyr Shaman and 2 Satyr warriors.

The 2 new Minotaurs have grown in stature and stand between 45-49mm tall. The standard itself is 112mm to the top.
These are multi part kits (the standard bearer comes in 6 parts) so you'll be able to swap heads etc just like the smaller minotaurs and beastmen I've released previously.

The Clovis Satyr are approx 33mm tall and have seprate weapon hands.

The Black Dragon is pretty much the same size as my previously released Fire Drake but with wings out-stretched.
(see fire drake pop up image, compared to 28mm Zombie).
8 part kit)

I'll be releasing assembled pewter versions of them on my stall at the Hobbit Artizan market for the Hobbit Premier in Wellington NZ, 24th-28th Nov