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4 new Old Glory 2nd Edition ACW Releases

Old Glory has four new releases for their American Civil War line. There will be more releases to come.

From the release:

We have just released more codes in the Old Glory 28mm 2nd Edition American Civil War. These new sets will be 4 of the possibly 10 Old Glory Army Free Figure sets for this years Old Glory Army. We will be announcing more of the Old Glory Army sets shortly.

Our new sets are:

WBS-106 Union Mounted Officers

WBS-107 Confederate Mounted Officers

The Mounted Command packs each contain 4 horses with the legs and saddles molded on, 4 torsos, 8 separate heads and 6 different right arms to choose from. This gives the possibility of numerous different officers depending on heads and arms chosen and the positioning of the torso on the legs. Let your imagination be your guide.

WBS-108 Union Camp Set

WBS-109 Confederate Camp Set

Each Camp Set contains a Command Tent, 10 figures (4 standing and 6 sitting), 1 table, 6 chairs, 1 bench and 2 barrels. Some of these figures come with separate heads so we include 2 head sprues so you can make the figures to your liking. The Camp Sets sell for $33.00.

We also have added the camp sets for purchase without the tents, WBS-108A and WBS-109A selling for $25.00 and the Command Tent can be purchased separately as well, WBS-110 for $8.00.

These great new Camp Sets can be purchased from the Old Glory Corp Manufacturers Direct web site and as always, if you are an Old Glory Army Member the discount applies to these sets.