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3rd Unit for all Godslayer Factions posted by Megalith Games

Megalith Games has posted up some new units for Godslayer over in their website.


From them to you:

The first two of the six new units for Godslayer have been released for the start of 2014.

First up are the Praetorian Carnifexors - elite heavy infantry for the Mortan Legions, armed with halberds and a great mix of offensive and defensive tactics to use.

On their heels come the Skannfyrd Kinswords - Human allies in the Nordgaard alliance. these guys are cheap but effective troops who can be fielded in units of 10. Their shields can also be used offensively for extra attacks with their Shield-Bash tactic.

Great looking minis and valuable reinforcements for Godslayer factions.