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3rd Annual Field Marshal Gaming Convention scheduled for September 14-15

The Field Marshal Gaming Convention will be having their 3rd annual event coming this September.

From the announcement:

The 3rd annual Field Marshal Gaming Convention is set to be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 14th to 15th, 2013!

This convention is held in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada at the 420 Wing Royal Canadian Airforce hall located next to the Ontario Regiment Military Museum!

This years "theme" for the event is "Destiny in the Desert" (WW2 North Africa theme).

We welcome anyone interested in playing Board games, card games, dice games and miniatures! Something for every type of tabletop gamer.

Door prizes, snacks and drink available, pay bar available Saturday afternoon.

Now in it's 3rd year, FMGCon continues to grow!

Why not come and enjoy a weekend of gaming with your favorite games, or try out something new?