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3DTotalGames running Wizard's Academy Kickstarter Campaign

Wizard's Academy is a new board game from 3DTotalGames wherein you play student wizards trying to save their school (sounds sorta familiar...). You must work with your fellow students, cooperatively, to come up with the right runes to solve whatever problem might be plaguing your school at the time.
They're not quite half-funded, but they still have 28 days to go.

From the campaign:

Wizard's Academy is a cooperative game for 2-6 players in which you play as students trying to save their academy with magic that they do not understand. You may need to animate stone statues to fight off rampaging hordes, persuade an inspector that the academy is safe (and only slightly aflame) or tame a book that has learned to cast its own spells and delights in mayhem.

Each game your capacities are semi-randomised and you must discover which combinations of glyphs will allow you to fight trolls, imps, demons, fires and floods and which ones will cause you to accidentally summon trolls, imps, demons, fires and floods. You may not always have the right tools for the job, but when all you have is the capacity to tear open a rift to the water dimension every problem looks like a fire...