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3Distributed, a new 3D minis printing company

3Distributed can help you make the mini of your dreams. Check 'em out and get the mini you've always wanted.


From the website:

Hi guys, my name is Andy and I'm one of the directors here at 3Distributed. I am also a DM and player in several d&d 3.5 games. I had some trouble a while ago finding a mini for a rat lycanthrope rogue (in hybrid form) after my character got bitten! After a bit of playing around I managed to sculpt and print exactly the character I wanted which made me realise, that’s something I've never managed to achieve in all my years of gaming. I've always had to tailor my character to the model rather than the other way around.

I went through this process with a couple of the baddies from the game I DM for (pictured below) and ended up with pieces with better detail than any cast mini I have used before and most importantly it was precisely the character I had written in my world. So we've put together a network of 3D sculptors, 3D printers and painters to allow you to do the same (and named the service in honour of my oldest character - Stormbeard.)