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3DForge Miniatures running Zombie Miniatures Kickstarter

3DForge Miniatures has a Kickstarter campaign running in order to fund a line of 28mm zombies, survivors and barricades. Because you can never have enough zombies.


From the campaign:

The Zombie Box Set Project is about creating a unique set of character models. The main aim of this project is to raise the money to print and tool all these designs and give gamers one of the coolest collections of zombie miniatures and zombie specific accessory's on the market.

This kickstarter will help with the costs of 3D Printing and moulding. As it stands half of the zombie sculpts are complete and all of the accessory models have been built. Money from this kickstarter will help bring all these models from the virtual world of digital sculpting into the real world. From Polygons to Printing to Epoxy masters to white metal ... to you.