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3D Achilles and Walter up on Wargame Vault from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing is trying something new, putting the 3D files for their minis up online for those of you that want to just print out 3D copies for yourself.

From the announcement:

Here is something of an experiment.

Got a 3D Printer? We have just uploaded HMS Achilles and Walter the Wobot as STL files on Wargame Vault.

If you do not have a 3D Printer, we also have these models (and the MTBs) up on Shapeways;

Now, I cannot recommend the normal 3D printing here - it is expensive and the final quality will not match the gorgeous miniatures you can get from us. However, if you are looking for a gold-plated or solid silver Achilles or Walter, these are your guys!

We will be posting all of our 3D models on both of these sites as they are released, so by the time you get a 3D printer (well, we will all have them in a few years, right?) there will be a huge choice of Mongoose miniatures available for you!