37th Annual Origins Award winners

By tgn_admin
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Jun 27th, 2011

37th Annual Origins Awards results were announced today.

Best Gaming Accessory
Cthulhu Dice Bag

Best Miniatures Rules
DC HeroClix Blackest Knight Starter Game

Best Historical Board Game
Catan Histories – Settlers of America: Trails to Rails

Best Play by Mail or Play by Email Game
The One Ring

Best Game-Related Publication
Shadowrun: Spells and Chrome

Best Roleplaying Game
The Dresden Files RPG

Best Roleplaying Supplement
The Dresden Files: Our World

Best Board Game
Castle Ravenloft

Best Traditional Card Game
Back to the Future: The Card Game

Best Family, Party or Children’s Game
Zombie Dice

  • keltheos

    Shouldn’t each category read “Best Submitted to us for Free, esp if you sweeten the pot”?

  • Best miniature rules HeroClix??? Really? So does anyone take these awards seriously?

    These awards have to be one of the biggest jokes in the industry. It’s all about what free stuff is sent to the judges.

    At least we have one honest game awards each year that means something. Thank you TGN for keeping it real and about gamers choosing based on their real experiences not “free crap”.

  • Bostich

    No, no one takes these awards seriously.

  • I imagine the awards could have some standing with more mass market buyers/distributors (it’s won an award = must be good) so it could form part of the marketing mix for the companies that pitch their products into the pot. I don’t know – just suggesting something I’ve just thought about as I’m always slightly perplexed by the nominations.

  • scottjm

    Best Miniature Rules: Heroclix?? Really?
    Best Historical Board Game: Catan Histories: Settlers of America? Aw come on, I like Settlers of Catan as much as the next guy, but Best Historical Game? This is a joke, it’s got to be. Are you pulling a fast one on us Zac?

  • So… Origins is a four day convention designed for… people who play one board game a month?

  • cybogoblin

    Hmm, that’s odd. I could have sworn both books were core for The Dresden Files. One containing the character creation rules, the other the campaign rules.

  • bj

    If you think these winners are bad, one year a piece of laser cut balsa wood won best miniature. Oddly enough the piece was made by the same people who started doing the tokens for Origins……..

  • It would be great to get an interview from these “judges” and the folks that run the “awards” to find out more about what they are thinking.

    Do they think they are doing something good for the industry or are they just in it to get their gaming fix for free?

    Zac can you get the inside story for us?

    • Zac

      There is no story here. Nominations are made at the GAMA trade show by attendees and voted on by the award committee. The committee requires product form the people producing the nominated products to help them decide the winners.

      Nothing ulterior going on at all. It’s just a system that generates controvery pretty much every year.

      • But I think there is a story here. Have they thought of changing the way the awards are done? Do they think their system works and really covers what is out in the industry?

        • Zac

          I suspect that if they didn’t think the awards were run properly or were a good set of awards that they would not run them in the manner that they do. People don’t continue to do things that they think are being run incorrectly or being perceived to be run incorrectly.

          In any case I doubt they would say any different to me.

      • keltheos

        Well said.

  • bj

    iirc the nominees are voted upon by the convention goers. SO if the majority of convention attendees are Heroclix and boardgame players it stands to reason that WK is going to win.

  • Zac

    As much as we like to complain about these awards they clearly fill a need for the people that participate in them and participate in the process.

    The nominations also indicative of the perspective and priorities of the people that attend the GAMA trade show and its clearly not gamers. Its game owners and a lot of RPG people and I think that is why thinks like dice win awards and why bases and neat terrain win the awards here.

    We’re gamers and we have our particular outlook on the hobby and industry and that is clearly not the same as the people that nominate these products.

    When you look back on it 2009 wasn’t a bad year for the awards with the exception of the miniature rules category and 2008 wasn’t that bad except for the disaster that was the miniature range category.

    The folks that run these awards have done something very similar to what we do here at TGN which is to provide a mechanism for their audience to participate in awards and their audience is very different than TGN’s.

    Hence the disconnect