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300k Stretch Goal reached, The Avatar of the Abyss has arrived for B-Sieged

"Graaaar!" ... That's what I assume the Avatar of the Abyss sounds like, whether it's happy or sad. "Yay!" is the sound that I assume B-Sieged backers are making now that the sculpted Avatar of the Abyss has been unlocked in the Kickstarter campaign. Now, instead of a cardboard punch-out, all backers will be getting a free sculpted Avatar. This item will be available via retail later on, but if you back the project now, you get one for free. Pretty sweet huh? Well, that's cool, but what does CMON and Second Gate have up their sleeve for the next unlock? That would be Igor, the Quack Doctor.


What Igor lacks in sheer, offensive power, he makes up for in bringing some extra survivability to the team. Due to his studies in all the major medical schools (whether they knew he was there or not), he's acquired the skills to heal both himself and his allies. And nothing quite raises one's morale as getting fixed up. This is a big boon, as Morale is a major factor during the game.

Igor sculpt

Igor is a Kickstarter Exclusive hero. So if you want to have him in your box, you'll have to pledge for the campaign. He'll be added to backer's games when the goal reaches $325k. Opportunities to pick him up will be rather rare afterward. The campaign has just a week to go. So you'd better hurry!

Igor dash

And as an aside, I know "Quack" is a derogatory term used for a doctor that isn't very good at their job. But considering that Igor's also wearing a plague-mask, popularized during the Black Plague, I wonder if there's meant to be a bird-joke in there, too. Hmm... One small note: those masks were designed in such a way so that bouquets of flowers could be inserted inside the "beak." The reason being was, at the time, it was assumed that bad smells were what transferred disease. It's easy to see why that could be assumed, as usually things that smell bad are a good thing to avoid. So yeah, the flowers and herbs that would be placed inside the masks would, theoretically, help keep you from getting sick, since they gave of pleasant smells.
Yup, I've got a history degree. *thumbs up*