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3 New WWII Battle Sets from Frontline Games

Frontline Games has 3 new WWII Battle Sets available over in their webstore. Go check 'em out.

From the update:

Just released, 3 new Battle Sets for Frontline Command WWII: The FLC Bundle, The Starter Battle Set, and the Deluxe Battle Set. These sets provide everything you need and more to get started playing Frontline Command WWII. All sets come with the new, very nice Wargames Factory WWII miniatures.

Three ways to get started and play today!

1. FLC WWII Bundle - includes FLC WWII Rules Set PLUS 60 customizable WW2 German & U.S. infantry miniatures!
2. Starter Set – includes everything in the Bundle PLUS a special 5-man US Army Ranger Squad AND 2 resin terrain features – Ruined European Farmhouse & Stonewall set!
3. Deluxe Set– Our best value ever, includes everything in the Bundle/Starter Sets PLUS 2 resin/white metal German & U.S. tanks!

The bigger the set, the better the deal – save up to 35%!

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