3 new previews from Privateer Press

By Polar_Bear
In Hordes
Dec 14th, 2012

Privateer Press has a couple more previews up for both Warmachine and Hordes.

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  • oldsalt

    Wow I have a large cygnar force and really wanted the gun mage light cav, and I’m sure the rules will be fun, But those horses are so bad I’m gonna have to pass. Those are terrible sculpts.
    (other models okay guess)

  • airhead

    How strange, i really like the horses. Seems to me that they look like real horses.
    A great add-on to the Cygnar Gun mage force.

    • oldsalt

      The head is far, far too wide. But airhead, check out a couple google images of horses in motion. The shoulder, elbow, and throat are screwed up too. I sculpted a couple of horses back and art school. (early sculpture classes are all about human and horse anatomy) These are bad. Even the mane and tale hair is poorly done.

      • grimbergen

        I don’t disagree that the proportions are a bit odd, but so far their overall sculpts for human bodies as well, so in that regard it’s in line with the restart of the brand…

  • green_lumux

    I agree with oldsalt, at least in regards to the one in the 360ยบ turn around… the wide looks far too wide and it’s torso far too barrel shaped.. the other ones in the group shot look much nicer though.

    • green_lumux

      the HEAD looks far to wide.

  • luckyb0y

    At first I was wondering what the hell are you talking about and then I’ve looked at 360 preview. Goddamn these look more like crocodile heads. A shame really as the riders are very cool. If you’re made of money just replace the horses with some decent ones from different company.

    • luckyb0y

      or if they come as left and right halves just file the the head till it’s properly shaped. The rest of the horse is not great but not that bad either.

      • oldsalt

        nah the heads proportions are wrong too, it’s not just the how wide they are.
        It’s strange they can make these horses and the menoth colossal (which is Amaz-balls fantastic) makes me wonder who’s doing the art direction now cause that bad QC.

        • luckyb0y

          Well I guess sculpting a massive steam robot is way different than sculpting a horse. You can be good at one of those while being crap at the other.

          I know the wide heads aren’t the only issue but it’s by far the most conspicuous one and I was just thinking of a way to salvage those minis.

  • cama

    These are so bad they could be used as war boars. Just four legged turds.

  • For $10 you could replace 4 horses for the ones Warlord Games has… it might be worth for the experiment. http://www.warlordgames.com/us-store/pike-shotte-horses-sprue.html