3 new previews for Malifaux from Wyrd Miniatures

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 2nd, 2013

Wyrd has some more Malifaux previews they’ve sent out. Here’s how they look.

From the preview:

Coming Soon
WYR5075 – Freikorps Strongarm – $16.00
WYR5079 – Burt Jebsen – $11.00
WYR2060 – Masters of the Path Box Set – $35.00

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  • 1voice2many

    When will miniature companies learn, if you want me to buy your miniatures SHOW ME A PICTURE OF THE MINIATURE. Not a picture of the 3D rendering. You only hide the actual product from the consumer when you know that IT will reduce potential sales. When you wont even show the actual miniature on your own website, that’s a red flag warnin’ if ever there was one.

    • mathieu

      I couldn’t agree more. A render is NEVER an accurate depiction of the actual, final product, as very clearly evidenced by the Malifaux ads on the side of the TGN website.

      (that being said, I much prefer the models I see in these pictures to the appalling metal miniatures (both sculpts and castings) Wyrd had been releasing prior to their move to plastic!)

  • ferk


  • Malifaux has strayed into the realm of mash-everything-we-can-think-of-into-a-giant-glutinous-mass-so-that-nothing-makes-sense-anymore. It just seems to me that Wyrd are putting out masses of stuff for the sake of putting out masses of stuff. They lost me a couple of years ago.

  • the_red_eye

    the malifaux line was very heterogeneous from the beginning, but now it’s really as Fiendish says…
    it was also full of humor.. now even the gremlins are not funny anymore…

    • Yes the humor… That was something that got me interested right from the start. I loved the game. I use to have 11 crews. I was a Wyrd Henchman.
      But the second book left me a bit cold, quite a few of the figures released were awful and the humor was rapidly draining away.

      I didn’t even bother with any further releases.

  • 1voice2many

    Truth be told I do like the Malifaux world, minus all the goblin related parts. And really like the art direction of the vast majority of the line, but I’m not a fan of their card based game mechanic, or the new “buy it sight unseen” plastics. On the other hand, I do have a bunch of their lead minis which I use in other games.

  • Lord Baltimore

    Im another who is tired of all these renders. If you stand by your product, bust open a box and get one of your (very good in Wyrds case) studio painters to finish it. Im buying miniatures here, not something to go on my computer or tv. When Gencon rolled around last year I was so pumped for ten thunders. I picked up a bunch of the new plastic models, and in all this time haven’t painted one of them. Some of them, including the Torakage, are very nice. But I was also very disappointed in most, especially the faces, which I felt were very bland for the most part.

  • cybogoblin

    I can understand the use of renders, it allows a company to get an image of the product up immediately. They just need to remember to follow it up with photos of the actual models (painted and unpainted).

    • mathieu

      That’s one of the benefits. The other being that you sell a product by displaying an image of it that is a lot superior to the product itself.

      It isn’t very different from what Rackham used to do, i.e. showing sharp resin-cast, beautifully studio painted models and claim that the PPP versions would be identical.

      • cybogoblin

        [obligatory Finecast comment]

        The problem with serving up renders then delivering substandard product is that it only works as long as it takes for your product to come out. I’m pretty sure Wyrd have proven that they can deliver product that is identical, or very close to the advertised renders.

        • mathieu

          The renders vs. actual product issue isn’t quite the same as finecast QC debacle. The end result is rather similar, though, i.e. not getting a product nearly as good as what you are shown.

          Now to be fair I’ve only seen pictures of Wyrd plastic products. But while I suppose they were close enough to the renders for gaming purposes, they definitely weren’t identical, nor very close for that matters. They are still vastly superior to their previous metal releases, but that really isn’t saying much…