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3 New Pre-Orders from Forge World

Forge World has a trio of new releases up for pre-order on their website. The first is the next in their line of Horus Heresy characters. Sevatar was the First Captain of the Night Lords. Rather nasty fellow, it would seem. Next up are a new Imperial Fist Legion Command. You get a banner bearer and the other a leader of some kind (you pick the rank). "Oh! Shot right in the heraldry!" The final new model is the Solar Auxilia Basilisk/Medusa, because Forge World didn't want Battlefront to be the only one releasing new artillery pieces lately.


From the release:

Arrogant, ruthless and utterly lethal in all aspects of close combat, Sevatar, First Captain of the Night Lords, is a supreme warrior. Before the dark times of the Horus Heresy, his talents garnered him respect throughout the Legiones Astartes, but his murderous will and litany of crimes kindled his reputation for dishonour even before he was the first Traitor to declare ‘Death to the false Emperor’.
Dangerous and violent, Sevatar is a master of close assault, tearing through Loyalist Space Marines and their allies with his nostraman chainglaive. His skill, coupled with nascent but long repressed psychic powers, makes his strikes and parries uncannily precise, blocking the attacks of his opponent with ease and expertly evading their defences to deliver the killing blow.
The latest addition to Forge World's Horus Heresy Character Series, this highly detailed model depicts Sevatar, First Captain of the Night Lords, his armour embellished with trophies of uncounted victories, many the mortal remains of his foes. The scenic base provided with this kit depicts a slain Space Marine at Sevatar’s feet, and also provided is the option of modelling Sevatar with a bare head or a leering, skull-faced helmet.
Sevatar, First Captain of the Night Lords can be fielded in Night Lords Legion armies in Horus Heresy games. His rules can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Two – Massacre and The Horus Heresy – Isstvan Campaign Legions.

The commanders of the VIIth Legion are among the most stoic and skilled of the Legiones Astartes, engendering the highest levels of loyalty and discipline within their warriors. Having won countless victories against the enemies of Mankind, each is an expert on battlefield tactics and an accomplished warrior in their own right.

The Imperial Fists Legion Command set is a complete multi-part resin kit comprising two models: one is armed with a power sword and a bolt pistol, the other is equipped with a Legion standard and a power maul. Both wear modified Mk IV armour featuring the iconography of the Imperial Fists Legion. These models can be used to represent a variety of different roles in the Legion Astartes Crusade Army list from The Horus Heresy Book One - Betrayal, from Centurions to Veteran Sergeants.

Many Solar Auxilia Cohorts maintain their own mobile artillery batteries, favouring a class ideally suited to their particular battle doctrines. Two of the most common types used by the Solar Auxilia are the Basilisk and Medusa, each of which is substantially different to those utilised in the wider Imperial Army and other fighting forces of the galaxy-spanning Imperium.

Firing from long distance, the Basilisk and Medusa can lay down a fearsome barrage ahead of the advancing ranks of the Solar Auxilia. Their hulls, derived from the Solar pattern Leman Russ, offer enhanced protection from enemy weapons and can equip a pintle-mounted weapon such as the ubiquitous multi-laser, adding a close quarters defence capability should enemy infantry advance too near.

The Solar Auxilia Medusa and Solar Auxilia Basilisk can be fielded in Artillery Batteries as part of a Solar Auxilia army in Horus Heresy games. The rules for both tanks and the full Solar Auxilia army list can be found in The Horus Heresy Book 4 – Conquest.