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3 new Desert Themes bases from Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon Miniatures have released three new Desert Base themes. Desert Base detail From their announcement:
I am happy to announce that three of the four new Desert themed beveled edge base sets are live well ahead of schedule. We're still working on the Desert Wastelan" series but rather than make you wait for that we've launched: Desert Basin Featuring rough, rocky, sand touched earth and large sections of cracked, parched ground. Desert Mesa Featuring rough, rocky ground and lots of large, raised, rocky surfaces. Desert Sands Featuring a combination of smooth and rippled sand surfaces with low, rocky accents. All three of these sets are available for immediate purchase, complete with an "All Your Bases" bundle that includes a 10% discount over the individual purchase price. But Wait! There's More! Through the end of the month everything (except brushes, sorry) is still 10% off -- which means you can get these new bases at 10% off of their normal purchase price or pick up an "All Your Bases" bundle with an additional 10% discount! So head on over to the Secret Weapon store and pick up your new Desert themed bases today.