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$3 Modules now on sale from 2 Hour Blog

Two Hour Wargames announced these were coming and they've kept their word. They've got their modules up on their website.

From the announcement:

$3 Modules Now on Sale! What are they?
$3 Modules are low cost and high re-playability scenarios. We've divided them
into two categories.

Those used with Swordplay, our free sword fighting rules set, and for Chain Reaction our free gun fighting rules set.
Each module can also be used with other rules sets as well. Swordplay modules
can be used with Warrior Heroes - Legends, for example. They can even be used with other non-THW games with a little tweaking!

Each modules includes variations which allows for them to be used over and over with no game being exactly the same. Perfect for adding to existing campaigns or for a great one off game.

Look for more $3 modules in the months to come.

$3 Modules are PDF only!