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2nd Annual Hobby Bunker Game Day

The Hobby Bunker in Boston Mass. will be holding their second annual Hobby Bunker Game Day. From their announcement:
The Hobby Bunker in association with Boston Trained Bands is hosting a miniatures game day on Saturday August 27, 2011. The Bunker will be open for gaming until 10 PM*.


Morning 10:00 am – 2:00 pm 1) Event Name: Spitfire vs. Spitfire, on Fire! 1949 2) Event Name: Zombie Revenge on the Road to Hanghai 3) Event Name: Not so quite on the Western Front. 1916 4) Event Name: AK-47 Republic 5) Event Name: Red Coats in Saint -Domingue 1794 6) Event Name: Capture the Spy 1944 Afternoon 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm 7) Event Name: Anglo Dutch War in New England 1650 8) Event Name: Wherever the Bugles are Blown NWF 9) Event Name: Caldero 1805 10) Event Name: Battle of Bukoba June, 1915 11) Event Name: Battle of Olustee 1864 12) Event Name: Zombie Revenge on the Road to Hanghai Please check for more information about the upcoming games day. For more information please contact Games Richard Claydon: or 781-291-9905 Store Information or 781-321-8855 Hobby Bunker Games Day *Closing time may vary depending on turnout/games being played