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2GM Pacific Coming to Kickstarter Next Month

Draco Ideas is expnading their 2GM Tactics game out into the Pacific with 2GM Pacific. Sun, sand, tropical seas, and the enemy swarming over every island. The new expansion is fully compatible with other 2GM Tactics games, but obviously takes place during the island-hopping campaign of the US Armed Forces during WWII. The game will be headed to Kickstarter next month. Draco Ideas has set up a launch event for you to keep track of goings-on.

About the game:

After several years enjoying 2GM Tactics and its expansions, we are proud to finally introduce our newest game. 2GM Pacific is ready to be launched on Kickstarter with many new features and improvements:

  • It is a standalone expansion, set in the Pacific Ocean theater of the war between the Americans and the Japanese.
  • The game is fully compatible with the rest of the games of the 2GM Tactics series.
  • The artwork and layout are completely new.
  • Likewise, all the game components have also been redesigned: updated rulebooks, foldable game board, more cards, new tokens, and new dice.
  • The game includes a Campaign Book with 15 Historical Scenarios and improved Solo Mode.
  • Additionally, we have also included an Advanced Rulebook with detailed rules and extra game modes, following the advice of the 2GM player community.
  • Amazing stretch goals, discounts for backers, and many more surprises await during the campaign...

See you at the front!

Launch Event Page