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28mm Shopping Mall - Release 1 from Sally 4th

Sally 4th expands their Terra-Block range with their new Shopping Mall release.


From the announcement:

Designed to be compatible with all of the existing Terra-Block range.
Add these exciting accessories to either a standard or deluxe starter set and floor tiles to create an interesting, varied, tactically challenging and visually appealing gaming environment.

Great for modern, near future and science fiction gaming, these accessories can be used to turn your Terra-Block sets into a shopping arcade or a railway, monorail or metro station.

This is going to be a big release... we have many more products to release for this over the coming weeks so follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed of new releases.

Release 1 includes:
Code Description Cost
TB050 ATM £2.00
TB051 Bins x 4 £2.00
TB052 Photo Booth £3.00
TB053 Escalator £4.50
TB054 Tile 5cm straight railings x 4 £4.00
TB055 Bench x 3 £2.00
TB056 Vending Machines x 2 £4.00
TB057 Telephone Booths £4.00

Photographs of Zombie & Espionage setting include £25 Starter set and TB001 pack of 12 5cm tiles (£4).

Photographs of Dr Who & Modern setting include £45 Deluxe Starter set and TB001 pack of 12 5cm tiles (£4).

We have a lot more pieces to release over the coming weeks to cover internal shop fittings and more exterior pieces.