28mm Scientific Research Facility from Urban Construct

Urban Construct have released a new 25/28mm Scientific Research Facility terrain piece.

Scientific Research Facility

From their announcement:

Now available: new resin cast modular building. This more modern style building represents an office, light industrial factory or laboratory. This Combi-deal combines all the internal floors, stairs, and external model elements required for a double fronted research facility and saves you 10% on the cost of buying the elements individually.

This building compliments our 25mm/28mm ranges of sewers, basements, trenches, buildings, fortifications and roads.

Who knows what manner of experimentation goes on within these inconspicuous walls? What ever goes on inside is a dark, state secret and the new perimeter barbed-wire fence is proof of this (new model available separately).The flat roofs have pyramidal roof lights to give that modern appearance (assault entry points?)and a roof hatch for more conventional access.