28mm PDF Tango Prime: Siegeworks

Finger and Toe gives you a strong point for your little mans defenses with the release of new siegeworks terrain pdfs.


From the release:

Finger and Toe Models announces release of the 28mm PDF modular set Tango Prime: Siegeworks. “Put your faith in iron walls,” the Oracle of Malpais said to General Samos, and he did. War comes to nearly every planet we’ve touched. For those wars Tango Prime: Siegeworks gives you the pieces to create extensive siege works or smaller fortifications and emplacements. Walls, bases, corners, weapons towers–everything the commander needs to defend his objective.

Tango Prime: Siegeworks is textured and scaled to fit Finger and Toe’s extensive Tango Prime science fiction fortification and base series. Use it to provide an outer defense, or throw a wall around a Colony Hab set to defend the scientists from the big bad out there.