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28mm Moonshiners up on Kickstarter

Two Hour Wargames is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring their 28mm Moonshiner minis back into production, along with a brand new sculpt for one.

28mm Moonshiners


From the campaign:

Two Hour Wargames (THW) have launched a Kickstarter campaign to resurrect a set of six 28mm country hillbilly miniatures - The Moonshiners.

Originally released by Mega Minis the campaign when funded will see these unique character miniatures available once again.

The miniatures can of course be used with any game system but as an added bonus THW will also be publishing a background supplement with five complete scenarios which can be added to your pledge allowing you to use them with either THW's award winning All Things Zombie or After the Horsemen wargames.

As an added bonus you can also get hold of either (or both) of the rulesets (All Things Zombie or After the Horsemen) at a discounted price when pledging for the miniatures.