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28mm Brunswick-Oels Jëgers Rifles now available from Capitan Miniatures

Capitan Miniatures now has their Brunswick-Oels Jegers Rifles now available over on their website.

From the announcement:

The Brunswick-Oels Jägers landed in Lisbon on October 1810. The Regiment comprised 12 companies and a regimental headquarters. Three companies were sharpshooters companies, armed with the Baker rifle. These companies were detached to serve with the British 4th and 5th division, one company served with the 3rd battalion of the 1st Regiment of foot (Royal Scots)., the others were with the Crauford´s Light division.

They served in the peninsula in many battles and actions as crack skirmishers, like the famous 95th Rifles and the KGL Sharpshooters.

The uniform was slightly different from the other companies of the Brunswick-Oels.

This is the first time that this special troops are sculpted in 28mm, and the first in our RIFLES series, that will include units that use this weapon in the Napoleonic Wars.

Available from now¡¡¡ in our online shop

6 miniatures sculpted by Michael Broadbent plus a decal sheet for the backpack and water canteen.
1,6€ per miniature

BRJ001- Brunswick Oëls Jägers Rifles officer
BRJ002- Brunswick Oëls Jägers Rifles bugler
BRJ003- Brunswick Oëls Jägers Rifles sergeant
BRJ004- Brunswick Oëls Jägers Rifles firing
BRJ005- Brunswick Oëls Jägers Rifles preparing to fire
BRJ006- Brunswick Oëls Jägers Rifles advancing
BRJDEC- Decals sheet for Backpack and water cantteen for 12 minis 3€
BRJPK- Brunswick Oels jëgers Rifles company (12 miniatures plus decal sheet) 20€