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21 new GRRM Masterworks releases from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures has 21 new releases from their George R.R. Martin line available over in their webshop.
So, how about that last episode of the show, eh? Can you believe that *gets beaten over the head by people who haven't seen it yet*



From the release:

We have 21 brand new GRRM Masterworks releases that are now here and available for everyone around the world! All of them except for two, were sculpted up by Tom Meier. The other two in question are wonderful tribute sculpts that Kev White from Hasslefree fame sculpted up for our Kickstarter project we ran a few months back (which has already been fulfilled). Our staff painter Jessica Rich painted up the bulk of the studio models below with Marike Reimer and Jen Haley stepping in with their takes on the wonderful Chataya sculpt. There were so many new releases, we could not fit them all here on our home page. So check out our Online Store for the rest.