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20mm WWII North African Enemies Clash at

TableTopScale is your exclusive place to get Force20's new 20mm WWII North African miniatures.

LRDG and Fallshirmjager Sets


From the release:

Force20’s newest WWII era figure sets, Long Range Desert Group and Ramcke Brigade Fallshirmjager, add character and punch to your WWII North African games. Now Available:

DS-04 Raiders! Long Range Desert Group (LRDG): A ten-figure mix of elite LRDG veterans including: Seated Officer, Seated Driver, one trooper firing a mounted Lewis Gun, two troopers with Thompson SMGs, along with troopers having a Bren gun and SMLE rifles, drinking from a canteen, and with binoculars. SRP: US$11.99

DS-04b LRDG Troopers: A five-figure patrol set including: two troopers with Thompson SMGs, two troopers with SMLE rifles, and a trooper with a Bren gun. These figures are also perfectly suited to double as Special Boat Service (SBS) commandos in the Aegean, Adriatic, and Mediterranean areas of operation. SRP: US$5.99

DS-05 Ramcke Brigade Fallshirmjager: Ten dusty veterans in a mix of jump smocks and tropical uniforms. Set includes: Officer with MP40, NCO with MP40, NCO with Beretta Modello 38A SMG, Gunner with MG34, Sniper with Mauser and ZF-41 scope, and five jaegers with KaR98s. These figures are well suited to serve as regular Fallshirmjager in Tunisia, Sicily, Italy, and Southern France, and perfectly outfitted to double as Brandenburger commandos in the Aegean and Mediterranean areas of operation. SRP: US$11.99

DS-05b Ramcke Brigade Riflemen: A skirmish set of five Fallshirmjager in mixed tropical uniforms armed with KaR98 rifles – three in helmets, one in field cap, and one in a garrison cap. SRP: US$5.99