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Year 2022

Australia has seemingly an infinite amount of terrible creatures ready to kill you when you let your guard down. But none are more feared than the drop bears. Can you make it through the night and to
Throughout the various cultures in the world, there's all manner of tales about creatures, peoples, and spirits beyond the mortal world. A Folklore Bestiary lets you bring them into your D&D and O
Got a game session coming up but haven't had any time to prep for it? Looking for inspiration for what you want your players to do next? Want to leave the encounter creation to someone else? Then Adap
It's a little bit board game. It's a little bit adventure mystery. It's a little bit escape room. It's a little bit augmented-reality game. It's... a little bit of everything. It's The Arkham Asylum F
Paizo generally has pretty big releases near the end of the month and June's no different. Both Pathfinder and Starfinder have quite a lot going on. And since there's some new maps, it's serving as to
Mountain climbing is more than just walking up a kinda steep hill for a while. It's a real endurance test of not just your body, but your mind as well. That's what Inside Up Games is replicating with
Bad Crow Games is looking to update their Company of Heroes board game, based on the hit video game title. Head out into the fields and hedgerows of Europe, fighting the great battles of WWII right on
Out there in the cold reaches of space, relatively close to the planet, actually, but far enough to be difficult, there's a massive wealth of resources just ripe for the taking. It's the asteroid belt
Man... I'd not thought about it, but Gen Con isn't that far away. And even though I'll probably not be going, it's still something to be excited about. Wyrd's certainly excited, as they're coming out
Whenever Paizo comes out with a new Adventure Path, they like to spice things up with a Player's Guide, letting your characters immerse themselves in the setting and theme more than just with the regu
In most games, you're the adventuring party, headed out into the wilderness to take on the monsters therein. But in Fae, the tables are turned and it's you that are the monsters. The new RPG is up on
The heat is on outside. There's no better time to stay inside and play some games. And if you're looking at getting something new, you might want to check out Nauvoo Games since they've got their Summ
LionWing Publishing is looking to bring you the Complete Edition of Maid Knight Saga: The Story of Faltisia. Originally published by Laugh Sketch, the deck-building game is ready for an English-speaki
Steamforged Games' Epic Encounters line gives you everything you need to get a... well... epic encounter... into your RPG sessions. Minis, stats, maps. It's all there. Now, they've got a new spin on t
My week is continuing to blow by. This morning, I was like, "Oh, hell, it's already Wednesday." I'm just blasting through this week, just like I did last week. Being busy certainly has helped. Oh, and
When you want to fill your day up with gaming info, a gaming magazine is a great way to do it. And an industry staple for the last 11 years has been Casual Game Insider. They've taken to Kickstarter i
Warlord Games has come out with an exclusive figure for the month of July. It's Tomorrow's Soldier and you can get one for yourself for free when you make a qualifying purchase in their webshop for al
It's been a while since we've heard from KeyForge, the game where every deck in existence is unique compared to every other. Well, the game's not gone. Ghost Galaxy has announced that they've acquired
A new month is almost upon us. That means a new exclusive mini and coin available at your local Games Workshop store. This month, it's a new Clanrat for Skaven.
There's been storms here in Atlanta recently... or is it just some Voltaic units marching through town? ... Probably just some rain. But we do have some electrical goodness for you here as well. Priva
Queen Games is looking to upgrade their classic game, Helsinki, with a deluxe edition. It's got a whole ton of acrylic tiles and even includes the game's first expansion. The project is up on Kickstar
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! It's time to set sail on the high seas for some swashbuckling action. If you're looking to add some pirate flair to your D&D games, you'll want to check out X
Many of you have played Sushi Go! If you liked that game (or even if you haven't played it), you might want to check out the other new games coming from the same publisher, Joey Games. The company is
The next 2-player box for Age of Sigmar is just on the horizon. It's called Arcane Cataclysm and it pits the light of the Lumineth Realm-Lords against the Disciples of Tzeentch. Get a first look insid
Did anyone else's Monday just rocket by? Mine did. And, last night, I actually went out to a build/paint gathering that a group of friends has every couple weeks at the LGS near me. Definitely need to