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Year 2022

This weekend, Warlord Games is absolutely stocking the lines of infantry in Black Powder Epic Battles. They have two new box sets coming up for pre-order and these aren't just a single squad or set of
You asked for it and now you're able to get it. Plot Hooks is running a Kickstarter campaign for Disaster Hamsters 2, their RPG supplement that lets you play as and against... well... disaster hamster
One of the most-anticipated Zombicide games ever has come to Kickstarter. It's Marvel Zombies - A Zombicide Game. Take on the role of either infected heroes trying to spread the plague around or as th
"I really wish I had some new monsters to torment my players with..." It's a phrase most DMs have uttered at some point. And soon, they'll have 250 more in their Roll-o-Dex. Wizards of the Coast has a
There's the new Compendium for Aeronautica Imperalis available to pre-order from the regular GW shop. But if you're looking for some new craft to fill out your Necron forces, you need to go to the For
Across a Thousand Dead Worlds is a new horror sci-fi RPG that's up on Kickstarter. Create your crew and head out into the stars. But be careful, there's a lot out there, and much of it is not friendly
Next month, Portal Games is collecting everything from 51st State together into one box. It's called 51st State: Ultimate Edition and it's got all that, plus a new expansion. The project is coming to
The Aeldari (formerly Eldar) are getting a big revamp in terms of new kits for some minis that have been around for decades. This time around, it's the heavy weapons division in the form of the Dark R
And we're into the work week proper, even if it's the first day in the office for me (metaphorical office, anyway). But while we've catapulted to Tuesday, that doesn't mean that I don't want the week
The streets of Tokyo are filled with supervillains trying to take over. So many that it's up to the sidekicks to step up and do their part and prove themselves in these matters. Tokyo Sidekick is now
Next week's a pretty big one for Games Workshop, apparently. Sure, this week had that new box set for Age of Sigmar, but next week sees a new Chapter Approved for 40k, a box set for Kill Team, new Nec
In Marvel Zombies, you play as infected heroes trying to infect even more people. But that's not the only way to play the game. In the X-Men expansion box, you get Hero Mode, which actually puts you i
The latest hero pack for Marvel Champions is now available. This time around, it's the android Vision. Originally a bad guy, he reformed himself and now serves on the side of the Avengers. And he can
Little bit of everything this week in Games Workshop's pre-orders. There's the new Age of Sigmar battle box. There's new kits and cards for Harrowdeep for Warhammer Underworlds. There's a new companio
Fury of the Deep is the next box set coming for Age of Sigmar. We've taken a look at several of the minis, including the leader of the Idoneth Deepkin. This time around, it's the slayers that get thei
Allan Quatermain, adventurer, explorer, and your guide to the world of Quatermain, a new deck-building adventure game that's up on Kickstarter now.
If you've been a fan of the Guardians of Fire comic and wish that you could bring that adventure and excitement to your tabletops, you're in luck. Magical Miniature Game is running a Kickstarter for a
The upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Seasons book brings you a lot of supplements for the forces already in the game. In this preview, we get a look at the Vanguard Spearhead army of renown. See just what th
And it's Friday! Woo! And it's a 3-day weekend Friday for me. Extra-woo! Though, we're supposed to get a couple inches of "wintry mix" here in Atlanta. Thankfully, I went ahead and did my grocery shop
Are you excited about the Wild Beyond the Witchlight expansion for Dungeons & Dragons? Wish you had minis to represent all the figures therein? Don't want to chase through blind boosters to get th
Games Workshop has a bit of a 2-for-1 in this update. If you want to check out the Illusionary Might Rivals Deck for Harrowdeep, you can. But they've also got a balance update for all of Warhammer Und
Battlefront's focus for Flames of War is shifting once again. This time, that spotlight is headed to the shifting sands of North Africa. They've started taking pre-orders for their new sourcebook, as
The Stormforged Orcs from Kings of War are getting some hefty reinforcements this week. Head on over to the Mantic shop to really bulk up your forces.
The T'au are known for their high-tech armor and guns. And one of the highest tech and most powerful is the Pulse Blastcannon. Get a look at this devastating bit of kit in this preview from their upco
Horror movie fans know the trope of The Final Girl. She's the one character who manages to make her way past all of the monsters, slashers, traps, and other horrors in movies to emerge out the other e