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Year 2021

The new expansions for Hellboy: The Board Game are coming to Kickstarter soon. There's plenty of strange, mythological monsters that are already in the game, but considering how many exist throughout
A Symposium in the classical sense was a philosophical meal where the conversation was the main focus as everyone shared their thoughts on a similar topic, playing off one-another as the evening went
The Emperor is dead. Several people have come forward as the next legitimate heir. But who will end up in charge? That's up to you and your opponents to decide as each looks to work in the shadows, in
Nucleus. Chloroplasts. Cell Walls. It's been a while since I studied plant cells back in school. But, obviously, without what happens in countless plant cells every day, our world wouldn't be anything
And the week continues humming along. We've made it to Thursday. So, that means making your gaming table look better. Today's Terrain Corner entry is a bit more direct in that goal. Check it out.
Shots are getting into arms, but there's still a lot of questions about events being held in person. But having plans is still good. As such, Gen Con's looking to have their Pop-Up Gen Con events this
Want to win a free game? Of course you do. Everyone does. You can head over to The OP Games' website and put your name in the hat to win one of their titles.
Dungeons & Dragons is a favorite RPG of mine and I'm sure many of you as well. But who are the people that make the game we love so much? Well, in this, the first in a series of articles, WotC int
Mantic will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign for new expansions for Hellboy: The Board Game. But that's not the only game they're looking to fund with the project. They've announced that they'
The Vanguard help their own. In battle, they have several units devoted to keeping the rest of their forces in tip-top shape. We get a look at these healers for their Summoner Wars deck in this previe
Warchief Gaming has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent, a new campaign setting book that works with Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. The game's created by Chris Met
The classic Space Opera has been a little lost lately. More action and horror, many sci-fi properties lose a lot of that nostalgic feel of brave adventurers going through the stars. Tangent Space look
With the rules for Pathfinder and Starfinder being able to be utilized by others, many make some really great unofficial but compatible products. Paizo likes to show them off each month. Here's the on
Hedkrakka's Mob will be making their impact known in Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm soon. What was the design theories used for this group? We get a look at that as GW has sat down with Dave Sanders
Halfway through the week already? I'm on board with that. I'm certainly happy to get back to the weekend. And if we're halfway there already, that's just that much the better. I am feeling a bit pecki
Mantic is looking to expand the BPRD with a new batch of agents. They'll be running a Kickstarter for an expansion for Hellboy: The Board Game. You can get a look at some of the new agents in this pre
The latest set of expansions for Riot Quest have been put up on Kickstarter. It's Chilly Con Carnage and it's got all new heroes, bosses, and more. There's special Early Bird pricing for the first 48
Monster Hunter World is a fan-favorite video game of going out and finding the most dangerous creatures out there and bringing them down. Soon, you'll be able to bring that action to your tabletop wit
Don't put your head in the sand over this one. TTCombat is giving us a look at this week's upcoming releases. That includes a new unit for Carnevale. They're dudes riding ostriches. That's something y
karadek.99 15 hours ago
Those Ostrich Riders are ridiculous, and I love them.
Another day, another Summoner Wars preview from Plaid Hat Games. We get a look at another couple Vanguards cards from their deck. This time around, it's some elites as we get a look at an Champion uni
Already thrown everything from the Monster Manual at your party? Looking for something new, different, and exciting to TPK your group with? Look no further than Grim Hollow, a new monster book with ov
As the planet warms, there's going to be a rise in the sea's level. This will fundamentally change many parts of the globe. That's what's happened in Blue Planet. This post-apocalyptic RPG is getting
Without encounters, dungeons are just some twisty passages with the occasional bit of loot. It's the monsters that make the whole endeavor interesting. And if you're struggling to come up with new one
This past year, it's certainly felt like time is broken. The year took a decade to go by, but also, strangely, 10 minutes. That's also what's happening in Brew, of sorts. All seasons are happening at
Tuesday. The work week is fully underway. As always, I'm looking forward to the weekend. To help speed things along, I've got some gaming podcasts for you. That should do the trick, as should some new