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Year 2021

Tired of all the other RPGs out there? Want to try something new? Want something that's a bit more grounded? Then you should check out War and Aether. It's a new low-fantasy RPG that's up on Kickstart
"Rome wasn't built in a day," is a pretty old saying. Neither were things like the Pyramids or the Colossus of Rhodes. But you'll be able to snap one together in about 20 minutes in One Card Wonder, a
When a monarch dies, it's usually pretty straightforward to put the next one on the throne. However, that's not always the case as different people claim to be the legitimate heir. That's what you get
Wargamer Games Studio is bringing you more Anno Domini 1666 with the new Swords of Light and Darkness expansion. While the game's already got bunches of expansions, this one is really crammed full of
Mostly back to normal in terms of how I feel after getting my 2nd vaccine shot earlier in the week. However, I'm still really interested in getting back to the weekend. I've had a bit of a video game
The Germans are getting reinforments out on the Eastern Front. More Bagration Germans are making their way to Flames of War tabletops now. Head on over and see what's in this batch of releases.
It's the last day of the month. Seems as good a time as ever to post this month's Dynamic Update for Warmachine. It's mostly Crucible Guard, but there's some other bits in there. Plus, you get a littl
Every year, Paizo looks to make their organized play programs better. Year 4 of Starfinder's OP program will soon be upon us, and Piazo's showing off what improvements they've made this time around.
WizKid's warehouse is moving. Like, not the actual warehouse like some kind of Baba Yaga situation. It's just everything inside is being relocated to a new, bigger location. As such, your orders from
The new Necromunda 2-player starter set is just on the horizon. It'll be a great way for you and a friend to get into the game with a single purchase. So, while one side will play the Delaque, who wil
Ok, so the universe ended. That just happens sometimes. But there's a new one that's come from the ashes of it. And it's up to you to decide how this new one will look. That's what's going on in Impen
Look, y'all, we need to be trying to save the world here. Things are getting crazy and it's up to us to fix it. That's real life, but it's also what's happening in Earth Rising, a new cooperative boar
I'm a sucker for a pretty garden. The well-manicured landscape with ornate flowers and other plants placed in just the right way. Apparently, the four gods in the kingdom feel the same way. A new heir
Hellboy is getting into more trouble as he looks to save the world from all manner of occult and mythical forces. Mantic has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring you some new expansions for Hellbo
The company behind Raccoon Tycoon and Lizard Wizard is creating a new board game whose title doesn't rhyme this go-round with Mosaic: A Story of Civilization. This new project will be hitting Kickstar
Galaktus Games is looking to recreate the dense jungle and oppressive environment and dangers of the Amazon right on your tabletops as they adapt the Green Hell video game into Green Hell: The Board G
Wyrd is rolling out a new breed of character for Malifaux. They're alternate titles for heroes that already exist. These new versions will have different playstyles and new moves. So, they're the hero
Your wish has been granted. The new WW84 Card Game is now available from Cryptozoic. Grab your armored tiara and lasso of truth and head out there to save the world.
The Cursed Hoard is actually more than just a single expansion for Fantasy Realms. It includes two new sets that you can add separately or together to help enhance your games. Want to add some cursed
Warcry is the skirmish version of Age of Sigmar. And if you've got yourself some of those fancy, new elf minis and want to bring them to the smaller battlefields, now's your chance as GW has released
I mean, not my father's work. He was a ticket agent for an airline. Not exactly mad-scientist-y. But in My Father's Work from Renegade Game Studios, you do end up dealing with mad scientists, mostly b
"More options!" Every gamer and DM wants that for their game. And Skirmisher Publishing is here to help. If you're looking to bring a touch more Lovecraftian horror to your sessions, you can go over a
<weewoo! weewoo! weewoo!> Giant dragon alert! We have giant dragon alert! This one's being caused by Paizo and their upcoming Pathfinder Arena Kickstarter campaign. They're going to be offering
Warlord Games has started taking pre-orders for a new starter set for Bolt Action. The set is based in the Pacific theater where the various forces embarked on deadly island-hopping missions, with ple
Middle of the week and I'm trying to take it easy. I got my second COVID shot yesterday and today I'm just barely keeping awake. But, better to go get it done. Also, shout-out again to my KSU alum. fr