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Year 2021

Jelsen Darrock (and his hat) will be making their way down the streets of Cursed City soon. Want to know what this highly-armed executioner can do in the game? That's just what we get a look at in thi
The bombs came down. Humanity hid in deep vaults. Now, it's time to head back into the wasteland and see what's left of things. That's where you find yourself in the Fallout RPG, based on the popular
Plaid Hat is keeping up their daily previews for the upcoming Summoner Wars decks. As with last one, they're delving into the Fallen Kingdom with one of their common units and regular events that make
White Dwarf helps keep you up to date with everything at Games Workshop as well as provides extra content. This upcoming April issue will have a new narrative campaign for you to go on, even. Have a l
What a week it's been. It's going by quickly for me. Also, I got my first vaccine jab yesterday (shout out to the KSU alum I met in Kroger while waiting). So, my arm hurts, but other than that, it's b
A new edition of the favorite comic-book action card game is up on Kickstarter. Greater Than Games has launched a campaign for Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition. It's got new art, stream
Blood. It's what keeps us going. Many different cultures have felt that blood had magical properties and used it in their rituals. With Six Spells: Blood, RPG players can add it to their repertoire no
I always thought, as a kid, that my toys would come alive while I was away or asleep, a-la stuff like Toy Story (though many decades before that movie actually came out). In the land of Stuffed Fables
Bleh! Bleh! I vant to sook your bloood! Bleh! Bleh! Ok, so that's a terrible impersonation of a really cheesy vampire. The Crimson Court would probably be pretty mad at me for that. They're a new warb
Ashes Reborn is now available. And Plaid Hat Games is celebrating. They've got a special launch stream coming up in just a couple hours. Head over and check out what they've got going on.
The Battle of Waterloo once and for all ended the reign of Napoleon and the wars that he had raged all over Europe for years. But it was a battle that wasn't a foregone conclusion at the start. Either
BoardGameTables is running a Kickstarter campaign for not one, not two, but three games all in one go. They're Bear Raid, Factory Funner, and Ghosts of Christmas. Head on over and check 'em out.
Getting a gamer who knows and loves a particular RPG system to swap systems can be very, very difficult. I know that for a fact. Well, if you're wanting to try out the Symbaroum world but have had pro
So... why go to a cursed city, anyway? It's not like there's a vibrant theater community and some great microbreweries. Well, we get a look at just why the heroes are journeying to Cursed City in this
And we're back to Tuesday. The middle section of the work week is here. I hope your Monday went well and your week's rolling along nicely. To help keep things make their way towards the weekend, we've
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There's a new Protectors starter set coming soon for Monsterpocalypse. In that set, there will be some new figures. Want to know what they'll be like before they hit store shelves? Well, you're in luc
The Kings Under the Mountain are legendary dwarves in the Lord of the Rings world. And soon, you'll be able to bring them to your tabletops in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. We get a preview o
Plaid Hat Games has another of their daily Summoner Wars previews up. They're done showing off the Savanna Elves, so it's on now to a new faction, the Fallen Kingdom. Get a look at the first two cards
<weewoo weewoo weewoo!> Giant dragon alert! We have giant dragon alert! And it's a really, really big one! Some might say that it's the mother of all giant dragons. It's Tiamat and WizKids is ta
Causa Crations is running a Kickstarter campaign for Sefirot, a new tarot-based board game for 1-2 players. The game includes many modes, giving you endless replayability and a calm, tranquil setting.
Another day, another Summoner Wars preview. We continue with a look at the Savanna Elves with a look at two units, one Common and one Elite. Have a look.
As usual, Games Workshop put out this week's pre-releases on Saturday and then immediately gave us a look at this upcoming week's pre-releases on Sunday. If you're wondering what that is, have yoursel
Even One Page Rules' "quick updates" have a good amount of substance to them. This one's got new rules for an army, an update about their Patreon rewards, and more. Head on over and take a look for yo
I didn't have the best weekend. Just didn't feel well and even missed gaming on Sunday because of it. While there's no such thing as a "do over" like that, I am hoping that this week can go by calmly