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Year 2021

Battlefront is headed to the Eastern Front as they continue with their Late War, Bagration releases for Flames of War. This time around, it's the Romanian forces that are getting reinforcements with t
The creatures of Glistening Grove are the ones that tend to the creation of rainbows. And we all know where rainbows come from, of course... ... ... Unicorn poop! In Somewhere Under the Rainbow, it's
Deadzone's 3rd edition is right around the corner. With the changes, Mantic is going faction-by-faction, looking at how they're changing. In this preview, we get a look at the Asterians.
The Stormcast Eternals are as much religious zealots as they are warriors. When going into battle, they bring a Knight-Relictor with them for added holiness. Get a look at the new mini coming this wee
And we've managed to make our way to Friday. That's something, at least. It's been a rough one for me. But, with any luck, a nice, restful weekend is ahead. In the meantime, I'm feeling peckish, so it
Paizo management has acknowledged the changes in the wind and has recognized the new United Paizo Workers Union that formed just earlier this week. This is a big step in the gaming industry, as not ma
Privateer Press routinely goes over the rules for Warmachine and Hordes and gives some tweaks and turns to make sure the game's working as they want it to. Well, this update is a bit more comprehensiv
When the work (and person) of a Nobel Award-winning scientist goes missing, it's up to the investigators to find out what happened. It might even involve going back in time. That's what's happening in
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant Robot Alert today is brought to you courtesy of a new Adeptus Titanicus pre-order over in Forge World's webshop. But that's not all. Two star players for Blood Bowl
The new edition of Deadzone is coming out soon. Before it hits tabletops, Mantic's looking through all the factions in the game and giving you some insight into how they're changing. This time around,
Caral, in what is now Peru, is the oldest known settlement in South America. Filled with opulent temples, grand palaces, and open plazas, it's into this city we find ourselves in Caral, a new board ga
Garphill Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for both Circadians: Chaos Order, as well as the 2nd edition of Circadians: First Light. You can pledge for each game individually or both together. Ev
Ever wanted to build your own rollercoaster? And I don't mean just some little cards on a table. I mean a real set of hills and roundabouts. Taht's what you get to do in CubeClimbers, a new magnetic m
Y'know, I've yet to decide what I want for dinner today... some Dim Sum might be just what I need. Tasty morsels served steaming hot in bamboo baskets. And that's what you're looking to collect in Ste
The Generic Universal Role-Playing System (aka - GURPS) is at it again. This time around, they're bringing you Girl Genius, the hugely popular comic series, straight to your tabletop. The project blen
Being a cargo ship captain may not be the most glorious of jobs, but you do get to see some interesting parts of the galaxy. And when a new trading lane opens up, it's up to you to make the most of it
The Red Queen is coming to her garden soon and she wants to see her roses red, red, RED! It's up to you and the other Wonderland inhabitants to get it done without losing your head over it. Paint the
Vampire: The Masquerade - Rivals is getting a new expansion that brings two new clans to the table. In The Wolf & The Rat, Gangrel and Nosferatu are showing that being a vampire isn't as cool as b
Someday, we might get back to life as usual. That includes tournaments down at the LGS. And if you're going to have an Ashes Reborn tourney, Plaid Hat figures you might as well have some cool stuff fo
Privateer Press is looking to expand the Iron Kingdoms RPG over on Kickstarter with several new books. They've made it past their goal and are into stretch goals. To help things go along, they're show
Sure, D&D takes players into a medieval world and may sometimes have, like,dinosaurs around. But what if you want to go back much, much further and have dinosaurs pretty much everywhere? I mean, t
The Avengers and the Fantastic Four. They're two of the greatest super hero teams out there. And they're coming soon to your tabletop with the new HeroClix: Avengers Fantastic Four Empyre set. You can
November 3rd, as you can see from the featured image, will be the launch date for the upcoming Tag Raid Kickstarter campaign from Corvus Belli. If you've not been saving up your nickels already, now's
People of Europe rejoice! The Renegade Game Studios webshop now ships to the UK and EU. So, those of you over in that neck of the world can now get yourself all of their great games delivered right to
Woooooooah! We're halfway there! WooooooooOAH! We're halfway there! Yeah, the work week is half over. Mine took a downturn last night. Couldn't sleep at all. So, I'm definitely dragging a bit today. T