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Year 2021

So, you're a DM and you've got your gaming group. Unless you plan on having everyone just sit in a single room of a house the whole time, you're going to need to create interesting places for them to
Martin Wallace's classic euro-style board game of mining in 19th century Cornwall is back. Alley Cat Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring you an all-new edition of Tinners' Trail. If you
With the pre-release of the Death Guard codex for 40k coming up just around the corner, Games Workshop is showing off a little more of what you'll expect to find within. That includes a new HQ choice
While I don't really follow astrology, I do know my sign. It's Arctos. Very narrow window for that sign. I know many of you are all about your sign and what the stars have in store for you. Well, in Z
Honestly, the week suddenly took a turn for "is it over yet?" yesterday for me. All day, I could've sworn up and down that it was Friday. Of course, it was not. It was Thursday. One more work week day
Modiphius has posted a new Fallout: Wasteland Warfare scenario up on their website. It's the third part to their Vestiges Resurgent campaign. You can head over and download this for free now (along wi
Despite vaccines starting to roll out, the COVID-19 pandemic is still happening. That means still social distancing and other protective measures. This all disrupts the regular way of doing things, in
The Dread Harvest is getting some new solos this month as part of Privateer Press' releases for Hordes. In this preview, we get a look at one of them, the dragoon Isaiah the Dread Harvester. Just what
The Ratkin will be the next faction headed to Vanguard from Mantic. They've already got pre-orders for the minis going on. But what do they do in the game? Well, we get a bit of a faction overview in
Forge World is roaring back to life after the holiday break with two new kits that you can head over and pre-order now. You've got the Night Lords Contekar Terminator Elite unit and you've got the Esc
The popular mobile game is making its way to your tabletops. Epic Seven Arise: The Board Game is a new, cooperative board game that puts players in the role of (hopeful) saviors of the 7th world. Can
Read more about Epic Seven Arise: The Board Game
I love the look of a well-tended garden. But, honestly, you know what I like even more? The look of a well-tended garden that's started to go feral again. And it's into a world like this that players
From Nightmares is the upcoming Through the Breach RPG supplement book coming from Wyrd. As this week's post, they've given us a look inside creating your own Neverborn monsters of just about any type
Carrying the army's banner or standard was a point of honor. It was also dangerous. But it meant that you truly wanted to carry the colors of your cause. Well, for Helena, she cares so much, she doesn
Thursday. We're clawing our way towards the weekend, everyone. We'll get there, I'm sure. Just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other. In the meantime, it's time to get some good terrain ou
Tomorrow is the last day to get your pre-order in for the newest Bolt Action sourcebook from Warlord Games that looks at the Canadian and British sectors during D-Day. If you're waiting on one last pr
A new faction is soon to be hitting tabletops for Vanguard. They're the Ratkin and you can head over to the Mantic webshop and go and get your name put down on the list to get these figures as soon as
The sci-fi/noir series Altered Carbon wowed audiences with its depictions of a strange futuristic setting. Now, you can head into that world for yourself as Renegade Game Studios has released the Alte
Paizo loves to post up free Pathfinder content on their website and send it out in their emails. One thing they've been sending out is the Shroud of the Four Silences novella. Well, they've got a new
CMON has a new Kickstarter campaign underway. It's not for one, or two, but three games. You can head over and get yourself Scooby-Doo: The Board Game, Teen Titans GO! Mayhem, and/or Looney Tunes Mayh
There are many fantasy stories that end with the great evil shattered and defeated. But... what comes next? That's where Out of the Ashes, a new fantasy RPG picks up. This new game is up on Kickstarte
The Chivalry and Sorcery RPG is in its 5th edition. Soon, its lauded Land of the Rising Sun sourcebook will be as well. There is a campaign up on Kickstarter in order to get it done and (spoilers), th
I. Love. Narrative Game Books. They're a bit of a novel and a game all put together in one. I've been loving the bit of a resurgence we've seen in them lately. And Alba is looking to become another. T
It's Halloween night. You're out in the woods with your little animal friend. Adventure ensues. That's what's going on in Babes in the Wood, the 2nd edition of which is up on Kickstarter now.
The week's half-over. Soon, it will be the weekend again. As always, I'm looking forward to it. Got D&D on Sunday, as per usual. Can't wait for that. But I'm feeling a little... bleh. No energy. W