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Year 2020

Lighter than air craft have captured people's imaginations for centuries. In the early to mid 20th century, it seemed like these airships would take over and dominate the skies. Airships: North Pole Q
For those that have played Strawlopolis and wanted more, here's your chance with Agropolis. Don't have Strawlopolis? Don't worry, this new expansion is standalone. If you've ever wanted to build your
1-48TACTIC is the incredibly realistic WWII miniatures game where you get into the personal history of each figure on the table. The game is looking to expand and in a big way by bringing you a ton of
One of the big, new models coming for the Necrons in the new edition of 40k hitting tables is the Silent King. Quite a centerpiece model, the figure has a lot of special rules going for them. We get a
The middle of the week already? I'm certainly happy about that. I've got D&D coming up this weekend. And my Articifer, who already has a penchant for making mech suits for themself, just got bluep
Build your deck, gather your gear, and head down into the dungeon. AEG's Thunderstone Quest is more than a deck-builder, it's a dungeon-delver too. And it's got two new expansions up on Kickstarter.
TTCombat isn't done with new Dropzone Commander releases. They're working on some new Resistance kits as well, including their new starter set (seen above). What else have they got going on? Keep read
Look at that ship. It's got two giant fists on the front that spin around and whap other ships. Just looking at it, you know that's pretty much gotta be an Orc ship. And it is. That's the next fleet w
<whoop! whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! Games Workshop is coming out with a new Adeptus Titanicus book called Crucible of Retribution. It goes into detail abo
You've seen the bunches of Heroes of the Grid releases coming out these days. Well, Hasbro has been happy with their partnership with Renegade Game Studios and has deepened that partnership, expanding
The Wild West. There were all sorts of things going on during those heady times. Towns were filled with Marshals, Bounty Hunters, Outlaws, and anyone else seeking fortune and opportunity. And that's w
Inside a distant galaxy, several races have become space-faring at roughly the same time. As such, the race is on to colonize and establish trade in this ripe, new space. That's where you find yoursel
Lots of pre-orders from Pandasaurus right now, eh? Here's another. This one is Robots and it's a 2020 Kinderspiel de Jahres nominee where players are trying to decide just what speed truly means. Can
The Necrons are an ancient race that long ago eschewed the weaknesses of organic material for the strength of metal and plastic. In the upcoming Necron Codex, they will be getting a whole host of new
Tuesday. We've made it into the work week proper. Hopefully, your Monday wasn't overly-Monday-like. Mine was chill. Stuff to work on, but nothing crazy. Just busy enough to make the day go by, which i
If your favorite team out on the pitch is the Lizardmen (like it is for me), then you'll be excited to see that Avatars of War has a new Saurian Player available to order from over in their webshop. H
Blackstorm Realms is a new setting for your RPGs, but it's also all your settings for all your RPGs. Being a setting with plenty of ways into new realms and new worlds, it's a great bridge for others,
In a way, all of us just lost The Game. But that's a different The Game to the one from Pandasaurus. That The Game is getting a new version this October. It's The Game: Quick & Easy and it sees pl
Armada is Mantic's new fantasy naval warfare game. It takes place in the Kings of War universe, with the various factions getting accompanying fleets. In this preview, we get a look at what the Basili
Each Space Marine chapter has, over time, distinguished itself from one-another. They all choose to focus on different tactics when dealing with the enemies of the Imperium. In the upcoming Space Mari
Mary Shelley lead quite a life. Her story is as interesting as that of arguably her most famous creation: Frankenstein. Mother of Frankenstein is a new puzzle game that immerses you in the world of Ma
CMON and Asmodee have teamed up to bring you another set of board game comics. In this case, it's the Android universe as well as Twilight Imperium. Just like the first set of comics, these will inclu
I wish I had the ability to have a nice garden to tend. I love watching plants grow from seedlings to beautiful flowers or other decorative plants. Well, I can still live vicariously through Ohanami,
The Thing: The Board Game takes you to the desolate landscape of Antarctica as you try and escape being turned into a gruesome alien. And when it eventually hits store shelves, it'll be Ares Games tha
Two new 40k books and a lot of new terrain is available to order from Games Workshop this week. Both Crusade and Chapter Approved with give players bunches of new missions to try out in their games. T