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Year 2020

Going to be attending any of the next couple upcoming Virtual Conventions? Then there's a chance there's some official Paizo events happening there. Head over and check out the updated schedule and se
Sure, there are many iconic heroes in the Star Trek universe. Kirk, Spock, Picard, Data, and many more. But there's also plenty of iconic villains that they came across. The Gorn. Q. Locutus. And, of
So, as we all know, the dream police live inside of my head (they're the judge and jury all in one). But what happens when they arrest you? You go to The Dream Prison. Ok, that isn't actually what hap
A new faction will soon be coming to The Walking Dead: All Out War. They're The Whispers and they're able to blend in with walkers. So, how do they work on the battlefield? You get to find out just th
It's Friday and... I am really scatterbrained today. I am a bit all over the map mentally. Just jumping from one topic to another. If I really want to get anything done, I need to buckle down and focu
Steamforged Games has a pair of new Epic Encounters sets available to pre-order over in their webshop. For those of you that are like me and like accurate minis on your gaming table when playing D&
River Horse has started taking pre-orders for their Jim Henson's Labyrinth (that word never looks like it's spelled right): The Adventure Game hardcover book. But you must be fast. There's only so man
The folks over at Battlefront have some more new kits for Flames of War available. You can head over and pick up these new German units now.
If you're going to have a dungeon, you might as well make sure that it's well taken care of and guarded. And so, if you've got a dungeon in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game or The Hobbit, you mig
Mantic is running a series of articles over on their blog all about the upcoming Hellboy RPG. Want to know about choosing a background? Want to know how different character abilities work? Want to see
Being a GM is tough. You've got to create an entire world out there for the players to adventure around in. Having resources to help is definitely a must. That's where Wondrous Expeditions: Forests co
There are a lot of animal species out there that aren't doing so great. The world is changing and many animals are having a hard time keeping up. It's up to us to help out where we can. That's where E
Out in the woods, you never quite know what you're going to run across. Even if they're woods you've known for quite some time, some new critter or creature may have stopped by. And if it's woods that
Hitting someone in the face with a pie or tomato is just fun. I'm gonna say it. There. I did. But, you know, you really shouldn't waste food like that. Better to keep your food fights to tabletop game
And we've made it to Thursday. More than half the week is over, so let's get this second half finished up and we can get back to the weekend. That sounds like a plan to me. And, as always for Thursday
The country is beset by foes of all types from every angle. Only one thing is holding them back: the witches. That's where you come in when you play The Great American Witch, a new RPG from Christophe
The heroes don't always win the first time out. They might run into a baddie that's just too tough and sends the heroes packing. But the heroes never give up. They regroup. Plan some new strategies. M
Free League Publishing is bringing the classic WWIII RPG back to your tabletops with Twilight: 2000. This game has been around for more than 30 years and it's getting an update and big release. The So
Look, sometimes, something slips a deadline. It happens. You try to avoid it, but sometimes it happens. Well, here we have the announcement for the new August releases for Infinity that, according to
It's often hard to see that a game is ending. Especially when it was one that you enjoyed. While it's been years since I last played a game, Guild Ball was one of my favorite minis games I've played o
The Western Legends saga is coming to a climactic end. Kolossal Games is running a Kickstarter for Blood Money, a new expansion that not only adds new content, but adds to existing forms and brings yo
Many of you have enjoyed the Arkwright board game. However, sometimes you want that game experience but maybe with a little more streamlined play, amirite? Well, that's what Game Brewer has done with
I'm trying my best to drink water. We all should drink more water. But I know a lot of you don't want to get up to refill your ice water cup all the time. To help, Avatars of War has released the new
Never let it be said that Venger doesn't listen to the populace when it comes to improvements to his games. He's heard the critiques and has updated Crimson Dragon Slayer because of it. You can get th
Wednesday already? Of course, that's not a complaint as I've got two games of online D&D coming up this weekend. It's more like, "Oh, I have stuff I need to finish before all of that!" But it shou