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Year 2020

The next video-game-turned-board-game from Steamforged is ready to be pre-ordered from their website. This time, it's Horizon Zero Dawn. You can head over and get your name on the list to be the first
Slightly different post here. B. Dave Walters who is a writer, actor, and and RPG live-streamer has a special project up on Indiegogo. It's a documentary entitled Dear America, From a Black Guy. It's
The internet is the new battleground. And I don't just mean comments sections. There's a lot to be gained and lost using hacking techniques and other forms of cyberwarfare. Tactical Hack is a new RPG
A new iteration of high elves are headed soon to Age of Sigmar tabletops. They're the Lumineth Realm-Lords and Warhammer Community has a look at many of the key figures coming out for the faction.
Zombies are attracted to any sort of noise. It could be tasty humans, after all. So, when a house's alarm starts going off, what began as a nice day in the suburbs suddenly turned into a race for your
Even a small One Page Rules update has a ton of stuff in it. Well, this one they even say is a big update. And they mean it. They've got two entirely new games as well as new miniatures, new pawn sets
If there's one mini that matters most to an RPG-player, it's the one that represents their character on the tabletop. They might spend hours looking for just the right one that has the right gear, rig
The British have been known for their navy for centuries. In WWII, the navy certainly played a major role in the conflict. In this article, we get a look at some of the iconic ships that have been pla
I hope you've been saving your nickels because Fantasy Flight unloaded quite a lot of new releases. There's 5 new decks for Arkham Horror LCG. There's the new Celestial Realms and Wheel of Judgement b
We've been seeing previews for a while. Now, it's time to go ahead and put your order in. Games Workshop has started taking down names of those of you who would like to get Blackstone Fortress: Ascens
The Arium RPG is a game in two books. The first is designed to allow you and the other players to come up with the game world. Make it as familiar or strange as you want. Adapt your favorite show or c
Poker. It's been around for quite a long time. There's a good chance that even if you don't know the game specifically, you know of it well enough to generally know what constitutes a good hand. That'
Ok, so being someone that makes deliveries might not entirely seem all that important, but it's a vital service out there (especially as many of us are realizing this year). And, depending on what you
"The cutting room floor" isn't just for movies. You'd think that you could just load up a game book with anything and everything you want, but that's not the case. Sometimes, something gets cut. But l
Friday! Woo! My week has gone by quickly because it's been extremely busy. Though I've definitely been brain-tired when clocking out at the end of the day. I'm more-than ready for the weekend. Orderin
Game Designer Eric Lang has chosen to step down from his role as the head of design over at CMON. Eric and CMON remain on good terms, as Eric has chosen to return to freelance game design.
Ever want to just get away from it all? I know, especially right now, that's been on my mind. Maybe heading up to the moon might be a good way to do that. Well, in the world of Malifaux, there's 2 moo
When Battlefront has a big release, they don't just put a bunch of stuff on their website and call it a day. No, they go all-out with a full weekend full of videos, seminars, and other events. Well, t
Everyone wants their dollar to stretch a little further, especially in trying times like these. Well, to make sure your gaming funds make it as far as they can, Jasco Games is running a Super Street F
Dragon+ lets you look into the world of Dungeons & Dragons and see what Wizards of the Coast has in store for you. I'm sure most of you (like myself) are wanting more info about Tasha's Cauldron o
Warlord Games is shipping out (no pun intended) all their Victory at Sea orders they have. So, be sure to check your mailbox for front stoop for those to be arriving any day now. And when they do arri
Bizard. That's a wizard that's all into business. And it's what you get to be if you play Business Wizards, a new game coming soon from 9th Level Games. Just think if the Wolf of Wall Street people co
Champions are fighting for their country. Each has their own special ability. But showing off said ability also shows off their weakness. It's a fine balancing act as they Champions look to defeat one
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We've got ourselves giant robot alert! Why? Because we're talking about Galaxy Hunters. In it, players take on the role of mercenary mech pilots hired b
This pandemic has really made me appreciate virtual tabletops. I use Roll20 on an almost-weekly basis now, whereas I'd only ever used it once or twice in the previous decade. But, thanks to it, I can