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Year 2020

When the universe began, it didn't just create the universe we know. It created others that will sometimes leech into ours in unexpected ways. Most people never see these sort of crossovers, but you d
Being a teenager is already pretty awkward. Your body's going through all sorts of changes. Puberty's a hell of a thing. Then, throw on the stresses of high school. Social cliques, homework, trying to
Despite having detailed instructions about how to get to Planet X, it's still not very easy to find. But that's just what you'll be trying to do in The Search for Planet X, a new astronomy board game
And now for something completely different.
Fridaaaaaaay! WOO! This week went by quickly, and you know I'm always thankful for that. I'm ready for some gaming this weekend. Need to figure out why there's an apparent vampire attack in the town w
Sure, when it comes to the towns, cities, hamlets, and such in your games, you can just go, "Eh, it's got some buildings and people. That's good enough." But what if you want to actually take things t
A new miniatures game is entering the fray. This one is based on the beloved video game line, The Elder Scrolls. Now, you can take your adventures offline and to your tabletops with Modiphius' new The
They were chased off the continent at Dunkirk. Now, several years later, the British are headed back. D-Day was the largest amphibious assault in history and established a new foothold in France. It m
Coming out of their winter hibernation, Plaid Hat Games has a new game announcement for us. Forgotten Waters puts players in the role of pirates sailing the open seas. Of course, being part of a crew,
*comes in unannounced*
Sometimes, you've got a great setting that you want your group to play. But, it uses a different gaming system and some players can be resistant to learning a whole new set of rules. If you were a Sph
The Germans swept in and took over France relatively quickly during WWII. And while the Vichy government capitulated with German demands, there was a large, underground resistance movement in the coun
While WWII might get most of the spotlight shone on it when it comes to coverage of the World Wars, I've always maintained that WWI was more important, as it was what directly set up not only WWII, bu
House of Tenefyr is a dungeon-delving, fully cooperative deck-building game where you must outfit yourself with gear, head into the dark tunnels, and work together to slay monsters and defeat the boss
This week has continued to go along quickly. Of course, that's not a complaint. I'm ready for game this weekend. I'm hoping you have gaming sessions lined up as well. If you do, chances are you'll nee
It's amazing what people will do for a shiny piece of metal. At least, that's what the animals in Tiny Towns have figured out. While digging out a hole in a hill to make more space, they came across a
At Hogwarts, throughout the year, the different Houses are engaged in a battle for points. Many things can bring honor or dishonor upon your House, causing a gain or loss in points. In the end, only o
While the main Pathfinder book gives you pretty much everything you need to play or run a game, the Gamemastery Guide is dedicated to giving GMs a whole host of new tools to up their game to not just
The Dothraki are effectively born riding a horse. They are equestrians of the highest caliber, with even their main troops being cavalry. If you're looking to add some more thundering hooves to your H
Stalingrad was one of the most brutal conflicts during WWII. The close, street-to-street fighting made the use of snipers an everyday issue for both sides. With endless places to hide, a sniper could
Vengeful spirits. They can be a real nuissance. And when that spirit is a vengeful samurai spirit, that just makes things that much tougher. But that's what you'll be trying to eradicate in Hunt the R
This is two Kickstarter campaigns wrapped up together in one. 2tomatoes is running a campaign for both Ming Voyages as well as The March of Progress. One puts you as the Ming Emperor looking to comple
Poison dart frogs. Caterpillars. Certain berries. Sea slugs. What do all of these have in common? They "dress up" in very loud, bright colors to let you know just how dangerous they are. That's the sa
It's the year 2099. Civilization is on the brink of collapse. You can see the writing on the wall, and you're wanting to make it through to the other side. To do that, you'll have to upgrade yourself.
The week's already half over. It's moving at a pretty good clip, if you ask me, which is always nice. Means we get back to the weekend faster. And I've got D&D yet again this weekend (yes, 3 weeks