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2020 X-Wing Organized Play Roadmap

Alex Watkins, the Global Director of Organized Play for Fantasy Flight Games, looks back on 2019 and shares his plans for the coming year of Star Wars™: X-Wing Organized Play:

Star Wars: X-Wing has gone through its transition year in 2019 and will have fully carried over to its new structure come next month. This is very exciting for all of us involved with Star Wars: X-Wing and we cannot wait for you to experience what's in store for this fantastic game!

With the second edition of Star Wars: X-Wing, we saw the introduction of Game Modes, specifically the Hyperspace Game Mode. There needed to be an established format that was appealing to new players who were joining in without the experience and knowledge of the first edition. But Hyperspace was always planned to be more than just the entry-level. Now that more ships have been reprinted and more options are now available in second edition, the Hyperspace Game Mode will evolve into an experience that varies and changes over its five to six month cycle. It will become a Game Mode where limited options will create a challenge for new and old players alike and push pilots to find the list that they feel fits best in the environment. 

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