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Year 2019

Sometimes, during a Kickstarter, someone will have a suggestion for something and the campaign creators go, "Hmm... not a bad idea." Sometimes, that can be integrated into the current campaign. Someti
Who wouldn't want to be an action hero? The pecs. The cars. The explosions. While real-life might not be as thrilling as the movies, Justice Velocity lets you live vicariously through an RPG. The game
Not everything goes to plan the first time around, especially when earthquakes are involved. Stronghold Games has restructured, reconfigured, and relaunched their Kickstarter campaign for Aftershock:
We continue on with this incredibly busy week. Step by step, we climb the mountain. Speaking of mountains, let's talk about gaming terrain. We've gotta make your gaming tables look good. In the Terra
Some may say that ignorance is bliss. Heck, the name of this expansion is that. But being ignorant of the pre-release sale for the new Ignorance is Bliss expansion for Euphoria from Stonemaier Games m
You know me. I love dice. So dice games are up on my list of ones I enjoy. Renegade Game Studios is coming out with a new dice game called Hex Roller. Players roll their dice, then choose from the com
The space race is on. Everyone wants to be the first to make it up there and go exploring. Get your gear together and build your rocket in Lift Off, a new retro-themed board game coming from Z-Man Gam
Star Wars Celebration is coming up soon. Chicago will be inundated with Star Wars fans, all celebrating the epic space drama that they love. There, Fantasy Flight will have special panels about all th
A pair of star-crossed lovers. Feudal Japan. Fugitives on the run. It's all coming to its climactic finish in Chiyo's Secret, now available from WizKids. Can the lovers remain hidden in the town, even
You know I love dice. That’s just a given. It’s not an addiction. I can choose to stop any time I want… I just don’t want to stop. I mean, they’re just so pretty. *stare
Don't get stabbed. It's a pretty good rule in life to live by. I would certainly suggest abiding by it. It's also the name of a new card game from Rookie Mage Games that's coming to Kickstarter next m
River Horse has started taking pre-orders for their next adventure book for the Tails of Equestria RPG. In this case, it's not one or two adventures, but three mini-ones all in one book called Filly S
Modiphius is greatly expanding your options when gaming in the Hyborian Age as they have three new print releases for the Conan RPG. If you want to hit the high seas in Conan the Pirate, battle agains
Life is full of a lot of things that happen to you all the time. From little thing to big things, these experiences shape us into who we are. And that's what the Experiences expansion for The Pursuit
Halfway through this incredibly busy week for me. Just gotta keep chugging along. To help, I'm snacking on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have: Elder Dice:The Colors Out of S
I want to live with a Cinnamon girl. I could be happy, the rest of my life with her. Well, if Guild Ball were real people, the Cook's Guild would be where I'd head possibly for that. They've got a pl
Look out, Unicorns. There's Llamas on the way. TeeTurtle has released their new game, Llamas Unleashed. It's the same mechanics as Unstable Unicorns but... I mean, is it wrong to say "less horny"? May
Dungeons. I don't know what about them attracts evil creatures, but that just seems to be the case. Well, someone's gotta go in there and clean them out, and that someone is you in Dungeons of Infinit
Gaming is good. Giving to charity is good. Put the two together and you've got something amazing. Modiphius has create a pair of bundles for their Mutant Chronicles RPG with the proceeds going to the
It wasn't that long ago that we got the announcement that USAOpoly was going to be making reskinned versions of the Talisman board game. Well, they're delivering in style with the first one. Talisman
Finishing up our tour through RPG Zines, we have Xboat, a new Traveller 5th Edition RPG zine that, like the others, is up on Kickstarter now. Obviously, this one will take you out into the reaches of
We mosey on over to our next RPG Zine this afternoon as we check out Fantasic Tales of Two Cities. This Zine looks to outline two very different cities, yet both are filled with all manner of opportun
Continuing with our RPG Zine afternoon, we have Draugr & Draculas, an RPG all about, well, Vampires and Vikings. There's going to be various kinds of undead. There's going to be rules for deals wi
The new flavor of the season is RPG Zines. I've seen a bunch popping up lately and am going to be sharing a few with you here in the next couple stories. Starting out, we have Dead Halt, a retro-RPG Z
Hello, Tuesday. It's shaping up to be a busy week, which means that hopefully it'll go by quick. So as I work on gaming stuff, let's also listen to some gaming stuff with some podcasts. On the dial t