Year 2019

Fireys Expansion Available to Pre-order for Labyrinth Board Game

Don't you sometimes wish you could just cut your head off and roll it elsewhere? Maybe switch it onto another body? Well, the Fireys in Labyrinth can do it, and soon, you'll be able to add these little guys to your Labyrinth Board Game games, along with a new Jareth sculpt. River Horse is taking orders for them now.

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Dwarf Faction Now Available For Kings of War: Vanguard

A whole new faction is making their way onto tabletops in Kings of War: Vanguard. The dwarves have been roused from their mountain strongholds and are setting on the path to conflict. In this article from Mantic Games, you can check out not only the new figures, but take a look at some new Mercenary models that could be joining them, or you, for the right price.

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Fantasy Flight Previews Running in Shadow of the Beanstalk

You may look at that headline and be like, "... so, like a 'dash' mechanic where you move quickly?" To which I would go, "No! Running is the slang term for what is basically hacking another computer system." That sort of Lawnmower Man-esque internet world where it's not just pictures and text on a screen, but a fully-interactive reality, where you're having to do battle with programs designed to keep you out. That's what we a get a look at in this Shadow of the Beanstalk preview from Fantasy Flight.

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Privateer Press Previews New Warmachine and Hordes Releases

It would seem like Privateer Press is getting into that "10 Year Challenge" thing that's going on where you post a picture of yourself currently, along with one from 10 years ago to see how you've changed. In these previews for Warmachine and Hordes, we have a new Tharn Blood Shaman, but we also have a look back at a previous time in both Severius' and Caine's life.

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Podcast Radio

I love having Mondays off a lot more than Fridays off. You might be thinking "a 3-day weekend is a 3-day weekend. What's the difference?" The difference is that, with Monday off, when you get back to work, you're already closer to the next weekend. *taps side of forehead* Always thinkin'.

Something that'll also help the week go by is listening to some gaming podcasts.

This week on the dial we have: Geeks of the North Episode 60: What colour was that?; The Secret Cabal Episode 175: Nemesis, The Expanse and Our Hopes and Predictions for 2019; 40K Radio Episode 35: Vigilus Open Day; The Scholarly Warrior Episode 6; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 259: Crusade & Mega-gaming; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 139: The Quacks of Quedlinburg; and Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 162: Too Many Bones-Undertow, Master of Wills, Kitchen Rush, GoT Expansion, Quiver.

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New Bolt Action and Warlords of Erehwon Available to Order From Warlord Games

Bolt Action and Warlords of Erehwon are getting some new kits from Warlord Games. Bolt Action's ready to receive British Commonwealth Troops, as well as a number of paint kits. Warlords is getting an Orc warband as well as an Undead warband. Let's take a look at them.

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Fantasy Flight Previews Separatist Upgrades For X-Wing

The Star Wars sga covers quite a bit of time, with many conflicts. The first we see on film is the war between the Separatists and the Republic. These factions will be making their way to the X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight, with the Separatists getting a starter set soon. In this preview, we get a look at a few of the upgrades they'll have available for their robotic ships.

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New Grots Releases Available to Order From Games Workshop

Quite a lot going on from Games Workshop this week. There's new expansion books for both the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game as well as Adeptus Titanicus. There's new minis for those games, too. Not to be outdone, Warhammer Underworlds has two new mobs, who also have dice sets. It's sci-fi. It's fantasy. It's something for just about everyone.

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TGN Review: Huntress Limited Edition Dice Set From Skullsplitter Dice

Hey everyone. Been a bit since I did a review. Had a lot of stuff going on, and didn't really have much chance.

But, you know what would be able to get me back into the swing of things? Dice. #NoSuchThingAsTooManyDice

These little gems are one of my favorite things, and so when Skullsplitter Dice asked if I'd like to review one of their sets, and not only that, their first-ever limited edition set, I was like, "(censored) YEAH!!" So, they sent me some dice. I rolled them around a bit, and I'm here to let you know about it.

It's time for another TGN Review. This time, it's the Huntress Limited Edition Dice from Skullsplitter Dice.

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New Releases Available to Order From Knight Models

Knight Models has a trio of new releases over on their website that are up for pre-order now. There's a new Dumbledore figure for the Harry Potter minis game. Then, for the Batman Miniatures Game, you can pick up a League of Assassins set, as well as the Ratcatcher.

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The ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) Roleplaying Game Up On Kickstarter

Deep down in the dark places of the world of Ancardia, a long-forgotten gate to a chaotic realm of evil has opened. It's sending forth a flooding wave of corruption up to the surface. The surface is going to have to fight back. That's the story behind The ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery), a new fantasy RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

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Monsters & Magic RPG Compendium Up On Kickstarter

There's no such thing as too many resources for GMs, if you ask me. As such, I direct you towards the Monsters & Magic Compendium that's up on Kickstarter right now from Windmill Slam Games. There's more than a hundred monsters, as well as more than a hundred pieces of magical loot for them to drop.

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Everything Epic Games Taking Pre-orders for Legacy of Lo Pan Expansion for Big Trouble in Little China Board Game

You were not put upon this Earth to "get it," Mr. Burton!

Oh, Big Trouble in Little China, one of my favorite movies. And you can bring it to your tabletops with Everything Epic's game based on the movie. Soon, you'll be able to do even more, as Everything Epic has started taking pre-orders for their Legacy of Lo Pan expansion.

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