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Year 2018

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!Saturday night's alright for fightin'. Get a little action in. Yes, it's Saturday, and while it's not night quite yet (at least, where I am a
Tales of the Old Margreve is more than just an adventure module. It's a whole tome of material that can take characters all the way from Level 1 to Level 10 in 5th Edition. And if players want to real
The folks behind the Chomp! Zombie RPG are branching out. They've launched a Kickstarter campaign for Cult!, their new elder being RPG. As one would expect, a cult is looking to summon a dark elder go
Setting up a game of an RPG takes forever, right? You've gotta get your character creation done. The GM's gotta get all the world together. You gotta figure out equipment and all these sorts of things
The folks over at Battlefront are working on the next expansion for Team Yankee. It's called Oil Wars, and it'll be getting its own batch of previews and such soon. One bit of rules that we know will
Mmmm, Friday. I don't know about you, but I'm planning on relaxing this evening with some pizza and maybe put together some models. Maybe play some Sims 4. Then, tomorrow, go play D&D most of the
Brother Vinni's got a new unit available for SAGA over in their webshop. It's a group of four slavic-style women with bows. Reach out, reach out and touch someone with metal-tipped death as your enemi
The race is on! Who is the fastest one in the land? That's up to you to decide in Sonic the Hedgehog: Crash Course, a new board game coming from IDW. In this preview, we get a look at the game as a wh
You'd think that shooting someone square in the chest at point-blank range with a shotgun would put them out of the fight. And, for the most part, you'd be right, save horror movies and the 40k univer
September's just about at an end. In fact, it's ending over the weekend. But there's still time to squeak out some new releases. Corvus Belli has their latest Infinity releases just added to their web
A fan favorite character (again, despite him not really doing much of anything in the movie) and a set of troopers (mostly known for crashing into trees) are now available for Star Wars: Legion. Let's
I feel there's a pretty high probability that you've seen a movie where talking rodents, probably mice, go on an adventure or some some type of mystery or solve some type of huge problem. It's a rathe
The ancient world is filled with all sorts of myths and legends. Many of these are in Dungeons & Dragons already, but with a more fantasy-twist on them. Age of Myth, a new supplement for the game
Language is a battlefield. I'm out here slaying words all day. It's not easy. Occasionally, I just run out of good words and have to use whatever I've got laying around. That's kinda what you're doing
I'm a big fan of puzzle games. There's just something about trying to get your mind around the abstract shapes and patterns and make something out of what seems initially like chaos. Project L is just
Happy Friday Eve. I know I'm excited for the upcoming weekend. I've got D&D and hopefully we can finish the adventure arc we're currently on. Just a bard leading a march on a city full of racist s
As good as any game developer and designer might be, their game won't end up working without some good playtesting of it. Rules might look good on paper, but it's only once you've got a bunch of eyes
The folks over at Battlefront are updating their website with some new releases and pre-releases for Flames of War and Team Yankee. For Flames of War, there's some new German releases, including one o
In KeyForge, the various houses are fighting for control of various sources of power. Each one has its own playstyle and it's the mixing of the various cards that make the game. But, since you don't r
In Guardians, players take on the role of a hero fighting against the others in an arena-combat style contest. Each of the different Heroes plays a little differently, with their own specializations,
As mentioned before, the Black Powder rules cover a relatively large segment of history where quite a number of military actions were taken. Warlord Games is looking over some of those as the release
Pre-generated adventures take a lot of pressure off of a GM. They've already done a lot of the heavy-lifting in terms of creating a gaming session. Maps, treasure, monsters, NPCs, they really give you
We've been seeing a lot of previews for the upcoming Season 4 of Guild Ball. But there's a lot of players in the game, and some Guilds haven't even had much of a look yet. For the Alchemists, that end
The world of Tiberos is one of amazing wonder, excitement, danger, and adventure. And it's into this world, created by Richard A. Knaak, that you can dive into with the Rex Draconis RPG. The first boo
The release of KeyForge grows ever closer. As players get prepped to get their new decks that will be unique from every other deck out there, the folks at Fantasy Flight are getting prepped for a big