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Year 2018

Tin Robot Games has announced their new strategy board game Tanks, but no Thanks. Be a tank commander and lead your armored behemoths to battle. Just watch out or your opponent might swoop in and atta
Some of you out there are really good at throwing the colored goop around and making your miniatures into real works of art. ... I'm not... So you don't have to worry about me as any sort of competi
The new edition of Cosmic Encounters will soon be making its way to tabletops. Many of you have played the game, but many others haven't, and can use this new version as a jumping-on point to try out
Here we've got our next preview for Season 4 of Guild Ball, with a look at some models that are going to be getting a bit of a tweak and rebalance. The other previews were nice, but since I don't play
Why is it that the weeks leading up to a long weekend are, themselves, the longest damn weeks ever in existence? I swear, it should've been Friday about 3 days ago. I guess it's just all that anticipa
Ah, the eternal question: What's for dinner? I would assume you think about that at least once per day. More if you're hungry. Lots more if you're out grocery shopping. But now you can think it around
Everybody wants to rule the world. 80s music taught us that. But actually getting to ruling the world's not so easy. You've got to set up your hidden base. You've got to hire henchmen. You've got to
If mankind wants to colonize distant worlds, it's going to take time. In lieu of some sort of hypersleep technology, there's going to be generations of people between those that left the Earth and tho
Money, money, money, money, moooooooooney! moooOOOOOOOney! That's what it's all about in Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises. Take on the role of a trader on Deep Space 9 and make sure that you get the
One thing about having a digital app for your game is that you can add to it pretty easily. In this instance, it's a new scenario for Mansions of Madness from Fantasy Flight. Altered Fates sends inves
In war, it's not just the actions of troops out on the battlefield that matter. There's a whole network of reserve units and supplies that must also be taken into account. In War Chest from AEG, playe
Paizo's website went through a rather rough patch for a while there. It seems as though the gnomes and sprites that keep all the 1s and 0s in order went on an extended holiday. Thankfully, they're bac
Why is it that weeks before a long weekend are always, themselves, the longest week possible? I swear it should've been Friday by now. But nope, still only Thursday. Though I know a lot of my friends
Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig is an interesting game in concept because it's competitive-cooperative. Players act as master builders, trying to create a grand castle. You will work with the p
Who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters, of course! A whole undead host of spectral monstrosities is descending upon the city and there's only one group of heroes to stop it. Renegade Game Studios has an
Battlefront is keeping up the excitement since their Live Launch of Iron Cross and Enemy at the Gates last week. This week, they've got another set of releases available over in their webshop. Head on
When it comes to Games Workshop, everyone wants to know what they're working on. What's the next focus for 40k and Age of Sigmar? What sort of secondary games are they fiddling with? When can we get m
Fantasy Flight caused quite a stir with the announcement of KeyForge, their unique card game where every deck in existence will be different from all the others. Players at Gen Con had a chance to che
In an RPG, it's all about relationships. You're a group of adventurers and it's the relationships that you have with one-another and the various NPCs that drive the story along. In Prism, the relation
Adventurers tend to group together. It's just sort of a natural occurrence. When doing so, they might even form guilds. This can allow them to get better resources, attract better contracts, and have
The damsel in distress is a trope basically as old as storytelling. But what about when that damsel decides, "the hell with it" and just decides to rescue herself? That's where you are in Maiden's Que
I'm always looking for new and interesting miniatures to add to my collection. I have to say, the Trash Panda mini that 02Media is showing off that they'll be releasing in October has me intrigued. It
Wednesday. ... This is always the day of the week that seems to take forever to go by for me. But, after it ends, there's the nice, downward slide into the weekend. I know I could use a pick-me-up in
Making games isn't easy. There's a ton of moving parts to make sure fit just right, and it takes a dedicated publisher to make sure it all goes smoothly. Ulfsark Games is currently looking for a publi
Some figures in Season 4 are going to be changing a lot. Some are going to be changing a little. Some might stay the same. Every player out there is wondering who will change and how those changes wil