Year 2018

Wizards of the Coast Previews Races of Ravnica For D&D

One of the books that Wizards of the Coast announced that caused a lot of stir was the Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, as the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering were clashing together. The world of Ravnica has many diverse races, and WotC is looking to make sure their stats are right. So they're looking for your help. They've posted an Unearthed Arcana with the races for you to check out and give feedback on.

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Paizo Posts Updates To Pathfinder Playtest

Paizo is taking no chances with the 2nd edition of Pathfinder. They worked hard on it in their offices for a while, and now they're giving all of you a chance to give it a going-over. But it's not just a one-and-done. They're updating the rules as you go along, giving your feedback. The first round of changes have been made, and they'd like you to see how they look, as well as a new adventure for you to test out things on.

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A Game of Thrones Catan 5-6 Player Expansion Coming Soon

Lots of games are good for 2-4 players. But what about when you've got 5 or 6 over for game night? You want to include everyone, but there's not always room. For fans of A Game of Thrones Catan, that will soon no longer be an issue, as Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new expansion which will let the game comfortably seat up to 6 players.

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Podcast Radio

The first day of the week is over. And while there's still a long way to go, each day gets us a little closer. Step by step, we climb the mountain.

But when you're not listening to that, you can listen to some gaming podcasts.

This week on the dial we've got: Game Classy Episode 169: Wrath of Gen Con 2018; Man Battlestations Podcast Episode 33; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 166: the best 4 days in gaming!; Drive Thru FM Episode 17: Gen Con 2018 ReportBlue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 128: GenCon 2018 & Petrichor; The Cardboard Herald Episode 92: In which Emma Larkins of #gamedesigndaily shares the hot new jam by Kitten Insect Clone; Guild Ball Tonight Episode 83: Sailing the Seas of Cheese; Lords of the Dungeon Episode 18: Betrayal in the Party and Creating Ambiance in your Sessions; and Chance of Gaming Episode 113a GenCon.

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Infinity Terrain Giveaway Happening Now

Who doesn't love getting free stuff? Nobody, that's who. Especially when the free stuff is some cool terrain for your tabletops. It's been a while since we've seen one of these, but Corvus Belli is once again having themselves a giveaway. This time around, it's for some Micro Arts Studio terrain. You've got just a couple days to get your name in the hat.

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Games Workshop Looking Into Movie/TV Franchises For Their IPs

Some of you may have seen The Toys that Made Us. It's a series on Netflix all about various toy lines and where they came from. Most of them were a toy line that then had cartoons made from them in order to, well, sell more toys. Well, Games Workshop is looking to do that. Maybe not necessarily a Saturday morning cartoon, but along with the video and board games that they've got, they're now looking into tv and movies.

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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Discover: Lands Unknown

Fantasy Flight Games caused a lot of conversation with their KeyForge game, where each and every single deck would be 100% unique from every other one. But that was a "simple" card game. Discover: Lands Unknown is a 100% unique board game. Each box will have different components, from different meeples, to monsters, to mats. No two games will be entirely alike.

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Paymaster Games Officially Opens their Pre-Order Store

It's always nice when a Kickstarter is funding and then starts selling to the general public. Such is the case that we have here today. Paymaster Games has officially opened up their Pre-order store for Going Native, their skirmish miniatures game set in a fantasy version of Mesoamerica. All the kits from the Kickstarter up there for you to check out.

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Gangfight Skirmish Game System Kickstarter Launched

There's a ton of different miniatures out there. Many of them have games they're associated with. Others don't. Some, you look at and really love the figure, but maybe not the game they belong to. So what're you supposed to do? Well, if you back the Gangfight Games Gangfight Skirmish Kickstarter campaign, you can have a rules set that'll work with any miniature you might have out there.

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Sergeant Nerd Games Releases Banes Book

Many mythological creatures have equally as mythological weaknesses. Holy water for vampires. Fire to trolls. Mirrors to medusas. That kind of stuff. But what if you're a GM in a game and you want to switch that up a bit? Throw in a baddie that has a particular weakness that you want your players to have to figure out? That's where Banes comes in. It's a new book from Sergeant Nerd Games that gives rules for implementing weaknesses for monsters and tips on how to spread that info around in your games.

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Monday Terrain Corner

And we're back to Monday. We all knew it was going to happen. We didn't have to be thrilled about it. But it was nice and cool out this morning, so we've got that going for us. But even as much as the weekend seems an eternity away, there's still plenty to get excited about, like making your game tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Terror at the Belmont Hills Mall Kickstarter Running Now, and Ho Lee Fooks Restuarant Available From Antenociti's Workshop.

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