Year 2018

GameTale Game Book Up On Kickstarter

I remember having a couple Choose Your Own Adventure books back when I was a kid. They were a great way to spend a couple days, going through all the different possibilities and finding out what could happen in them. GameTale is just such a type of book for a new generation of readers. Follow Gremmy the gremlin as you lead him on all sorts of wondrous adventures. You can back the book on Kickstarter now.

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Renegade Game Studios Announces New Edition of Arboretum

Despite being a tried and true flatlander (being from the midwest as I am), I do love trees and forests. They're just so big and majestic. So, having a game where you're looking to cultivate your trees is certainly appealing. And Arboretum is one that has gotten plenty of praise since it initially came out. But that doesn't mean that it couldn't be improved, so thought Renegade Game Studios. They're coming out with a new edition that's got new artwork and updated symbols to help make sure everyone can play, including the color-blind.

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April Releases Available From CMON

This is a pretty big release month for CMON. They've got two core games and two expansions, split up between some of their more popular games. There's the latest version of Zombicide in the form of Green Horde. There's also the Rise of Moloch core box. The expansions are for Lorenzo il Magnifico, as well as Bloodborne: The Card Game.

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Monday Terrain Corner

Let's try to not focus on the fact that it's Monday and we're back at the office (even if it what we do is pretty awesome and we enjoy it a lot). Instead, let's think back to the weekend we had and all the awesome gaming (at least, I hope you had some awesome gaming. I did, and there's even video proof). Next week's another chance for gaming. And, of course, if there's gaming, there may be gaming mats and terrain. So let's show you some new stuff now and you might be gaming on them next time you play.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Saxon Longship From Sarissa Precision, Heroic Maps Releases Captain Bastide's Pirate Den, New Industrial Terrain MDF Kits From Pwork Wargame, and New Tropical Swamp Mats From Deep-Cut Studio.

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Modiphius Releases Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder Board Game

Most of the time, when I'm posting about Modiphius, it's about a new RPG book coming out. However, this is a bit different. Did you know that they make board games, too? Well, if not before, you know now. They have released Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder, a new fantasy dungeon-crawl board game that has competitive, cooperative, and solo modes of play.

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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Darnati Warriors For Runewars

The Flesh Rippers aren't the only new units coming for Runewars from Fantasy Flight. The elves are getting a new unit, too. They're the Darnati Warriors and they show that Elves don't just hit from afar, but can run on up into combat and start swinging like everyone else.

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New Winter Bolt Action Releases Available From Warlord Games

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it's getting warmer and warmer as the days go by. But, eventually, it'll start heading the other direction and cold will once more set in. Any army out in the field must be prepared for that eventuality, lest their troops simply freeze out in the field. Warlord Games is now taking orders for some British and American winter troops, as well as a new German tank destroyer.

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New Idoneth Deepkin, Necromunda, and Blood Bowl Figures Available From Games Workshop

Games Workshop's hitting a bit of everything with this week's pre-orders over in their shop. There's some new Idoneth Deepkin heroes to fill out your army. There's a new book for Necromunda, as well as a new gang. There's also a new Chaos Blood Bowl team. And dice. There's also lots of dice.

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Review Roundup

International Tabletop Day. It's like our true gaming holiday. I'll be spending it playing D&D with friends (even doing a live stream and then uploading the video later, because that seems like a good idea at the time). I hope you also have something planned out for your day. I know I plan on getting you some game reviews.

This week we have: Pocket Ops, Envyra, Mysthea, Iquazu, Time Barons, Byzanz, Wonderland: Vast: Fearsome Foes Expansion, Pulsar 2849, and Zoo Ball.

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Wyrd Previews Horomontangi For The Other Side

As is their tradition, Wyrd has posted up their Friday preview for The Other Side. I'm always happy to see them, 1) because I like previews and 2) it means it's Friday. Well, this one, when it popped up, I was like, "whoah!" because it's a giant lizard/dragon thing named Horomontangi. Fridays need more giant lizard/dragons.

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Corvus Belli Announces Infinity Narrative Event: Treason

Turning on your friends and colleagues. It's one of the worst things you can do, so many say. But what if you feel that what they're truly doing is wrong and you need to follow a different path? There's two sides to every story, even in a case like this. And that's where you'll find yourself in the new Narrative Event for Infinity from Corvus Belli. It's called Treason and you can download it now.

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Friday Snippets

Man, I've been looking forward to this one. It's been a rough week, but that's all in the past. The weekend spreads ahead just filled with opportunity. I've got some D&D tomorrow. How about y'all? Well, whatever it might be, you should definitely stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories to begin with.

Today on the platter we have: Kraken Dice Launches Iconic Mythical Dice Kickstarter, New Bunny Girl Mini From Brother Vinni, Hirelings of Asura Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, and Brigade Models Releases New Spaceships.

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