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Year 2018

I love driving. I honestly do. But give me an open highway at night as opposed to having to battle with all the other folks trying to make their way to and from work (that's why I get to the office at 5:45am and leave at 3pm). So, I do what I can to avoid traffic, but I can still vicariously live that life via Crazy Commute, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter.
There's a lot of history of cancer in my family. So I'm expecting to go for screenings and such. Heck, I should probably be doing those now. Well, there's a new card game that can help. It's also designed for fun.
So, I mean, we're not prudes here at TGN, but suffice to say, Foreplay is a game that's pushing our PG-13 envelope a bit. But hey, it's helping save the world from cancer. If you get some enjoyment out of it, too, that's great.
The dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki did more than instantaneously destroy those cities. It also created what has become known as the Rip. This also awakened latent psychic powers in people that can be enhanced by grafts. So, far from ending the war, it has only caused it to move in strange new directions. That's the story behind NecroMech, a new alternate-history RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.
"A little goes a long way." It really is true. Just a couple small tweaks or additions, and a thing can seem entirely new. That certainly can be the case for a game. Z-Man Games is offering some of its little mini-expansion promos for some of their games as regular releases. So, if you're a fan of Terra Mystica, A Feast for Odin, The Voyages of Marco Polo, Beyond Baker Street, Carcassonne, and/or Sylvion, there's new sets you can pick up for them.
The week continues along. It's been a quick one for me, it seems. Plus, I'm book-ended by some cool new stuff. Monday, I got new Tails of Equestria stuff. By Friday, my latest order from Kraken Dice should be in. So... woo!
But while waiting by the mailbox for my new shinies to come in, I need to snack on some bite-size gaming stories. There's enough to share, so have a nibble for yourself.

Today on the platter we have: New Releases Available From Advanced Deployment and New Legionary Twin Thunder Gun Available From Kromlech.

I love playing RPGs. However, finding enough locals to play can be tricky. I've got friends all over the world that'd love to play, but the commute from Australia, Sweden, and Seattle can be a bit rough. Thankfully, there's Virtual Tabletops like Roll20. They've announced that they're teaming up with Paizo to support official Starfinder and Pathfinder material on their platform. Crownfall, the first of these, is available to pre-order now.
For a while now, Deadpool has been a more off-kilter and adult-oriented character in comics. When his movie came out, it showed that people will go and see an R-rated superhero film. Now, he's bringing his adult nature to your tabletops. USAopoly has announced Deadpool vs The World, a new adult-oriented party card game.
Giant Robot alert! We have a Giant Robot alert! In this case, it's Gipsy Avenger, the first preview that River Horse has posted up for their upcoming Pacific Rim: Extinction board game. They'll be launching a Kickstarter for it starting on March 12th. I'm sure we're all looking forward to more previews.
Palladium Books and their Robotech RPG Tactics game has been one of the long-drawn-out dramas of the gaming industry for several years now. The game was one of the first really huge successes on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, it's become also the campaign that's now looked upon as "the one that really went wrong." Palladium has posted two updates to the Kickstarter campaign. The long and the short is that Palladium will not be sending out Wave 2 releases. People can substitute Wave 1 items for Wave 2 items, but will need to pay for shipping. Also, Palladium is losing the Robotech license after 30 years.
Monolith is at it again with a new miniatures board game. This time, they are the night! They've launched a Kickstarter campaign for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. Take on the role of Batman and other Batman-family characters, or step into the shoes of some of his greatest foes, as you work to either save or destroy the city of Gotham.
I'm a fan of the theater of the absurd. Random non-sequiturs, odd mash-ups of themes, and gonzo journalism (in the Hunter S. Thompson form). If you're like me, a game like Far Away Land might be just for you. It's like if you mushed together something like Adventure Time and Rick & Morty and a bit of Dungeons & Dragons. Go check it out the campaign on Kickstarter.
I know, as a polar bear, you'd think my favorite environment would be the tundra. But that's not so. I love forests. And if one were to just happen to bring down most of society, well... I mean, forests are pretty cool. That's what's happened in Summerland. The Sea of Leaves is a vast, supernatural forest that the players must navigate. Being Drifters, they don't fit into society anymore, but they also don't fully fit into the realm of the forest. There's a new edition that's up on Kickstarter now.
As I've said many, many times before, it's always good for the GM of a game to have resources on-hand to help flesh out their game world. Players are great at asking questions that a GM might not have expected, and thus have to come up with answers on the fly. A common trope is to have the adventurers head to various religious temples and other locations. "So, what do I see?" is a pretty common question, and it could be easy to just be like, "uh... religious stuff..." But that's no fun. That's why Skirmisher Publishing has created Mysterious Relics: Pantheon-Specific Temple Objects & Furnishings. You can get your copy now.
I'm a fairly straight-laced individual. I don't tend to get in trouble. But, occasionally, sometimes it's fun to not be so goody-goody. Y'know, go out there and do something like becoming the head of a witch coven by causing chaos and havoc among the general population. As you do. That's what you'll be doing in Wickedest of Them All, a new card game that's available now.
It was quite a busy Monday around here. We'll just see what Tuesday brings for us. If it's to be a busy week, so be it. It'll just make it all go by quickly. Something that'll also help it go by quickly is listening to some gaming podcasts.

This week, we have: Game Classy 157 Episode: I tourna-ment to do that; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 146: Gaming with Strangers!; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 117: Calimala; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 242: War & Empire III: Dark Ages; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 138: 3rd Annual Squirrelly Awards; The Cardboard Herald Episode 68: Tony Miller, The Bearded Rogue of Breaking Into Board Games; The D6 Generation Episode 231: Long Form Games & Escape Rooms; The Secret Cabal Episode 153: Gaslands, Masmorra, and Hidden Movement and Hidden Roles; SAGA THORSDAY Episode 78: Saracens Battleboard and Tactics Pt 1; The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 38: The Tuesday of the Year; and Playin’ and Slayin’ Episode 12: Anvil Eight Games Adepticon Preview.

In a movie, the MacGuffin is the item that the characters want to get. It's the giant diamond in Snatch. It's the Maltese falcon in... well... The Maltese Falcon. It's the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. In some movies, it's not even something that really exists. Well, Looney Labs is looking to bring the search for the MacGuffin to your tabletops in the appropriately named Get the MacGuffin card game.
Melting Point Publishing is running their first-ever Kickstarter campaign. And they're staring off with a bang. They're not just doing a single product, but an entire line of adventures that span different game worlds, themes, and systems. If you'd like to check out some new stand-alone adventures for your gaming group, you'll want to check this one out. There's more than likely something that your group would enjoy.
To me, computers are magical machines filled with gnomes and sprites. I know basically nothing about how they work or how the program that I'm typing to you now actually operates. And, frankly, the world of programming and coding terrifies me. But that's the way the world is headed. Thankfully, there's games like Potato Pirates to help teach basics of programming in a fun, easy-to-use way. They had a very successful Kickstarter campaign, and now you can pick up a copy for yourself.
A new faction is making its way your tabletops in Freeblades. DGS Games has released the Eclipse Sisterhood. The company's been working on the set for a while, and now you can pick them up. This all-woman faction is not to be trifled with. They're highly-trained and dedicated warriors, looking to oust the oppressive Traazorite Empire from their lands.
Star Wars: Legion was arguably the biggest announcement at Gen Con 2017. Since August, everyone has been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the game. The wait's almost over, as sets will be hitting shops in less than a month. And Fantasy Flight wants to make sure that when you go pick up your minis, there's a whole celebration behind it. They've announced Launch Day Events to add even more excitement to March 22nd.
With having had the windows open in my apartment for weeks, it's strange to think that it's still winter. But, still being February, winter it is. So, whether you're out under a tree like I can be, or hiding inside from the snow, it's a good time to read a gaming magazine. And Irregular Magazine has their latest issue available now for your reading pleasure.
Cross Lances has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the 3rd installment of their Rough and Tumble board game. The game is played much like Chess, but there's a hexagonal board, instead of the usual squares. The game sets itself apart, also, by being for those of you out there with 3D printers. No shipping costs required when you just download a file and create the minis, yourself, right on your desk. This new set includes Chaos and High Elves.
Fun Forge is looking forward to next month when they'll be launching their Kickstarter campaign for Monumental: The Board Game. Players will be in charge of their own civilization and looking to out-pace their opponents in terms of research of technology and power. The game will be exclusive to Kickstarter, so if you miss out, you miss out entirely.
It's a dude's face in a flaming wheel.
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. It's just, what did that initial art request look like? I'd kinda like to see that.
Anyway, Wyrd finishes up their look at the Undying encounter box with a look at the Wanyudo.
In many game universes, the undead are all aligned with one-another. They see their mutual dead-ness as a reason to get along. But not every undead creature gets along with the others. And, being undead, their grudges can last for quite a long time. Such is what's happening in Ancient Grudges: Bonefields, a new miniatures game that's up on Kickstarter now.