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Year 2018

Adrift in the Dark is a new fantasy adventure for 5th edition that's up on Kickstarter. Created as a Duet (that is, an adventure for one player and one DM), there's also rules for full-party gaming. T
Having at-your-fingertips resources for a game can prove invaluable. Not having to flip through books or write down a whole laundry list of stats can really speed up games. That's why Fantasy Flight m
D&D Dice Roll 11oz Ceramic Coffee Mug
Queste is a new fantasy RPG that's up on Kickstarter. I have long said that the most important thing you can have in a game is options. Queste says that it has more options than most, while still main
A rag-tag group of kids going and solving mysteries and defeating ancient horrors is pretty hot right now in terms of theme. And that's what you get in Tales of Evil, a new horror board game that's up
Giant Robot Alert! We have Giant Robot Alert! Forge World has a new variation of Titan avaiable to order over in their webshop. It's the Legio Titanicus Warbringer Nemesis Titan. And, as you'd expect
Happy Friday Eve, everybody! I... apparently don't have any interesting quip for this post... so let's just get to the terrain (I'm sure there's many of you that are thankful for that :P ). Today in
Torg Eternity made quite a triumphant comeback earlier this year. Now, Unlisses Spiele is looking to expand with the next book. It's The Nile Empire, and it follows the continuing saga of the Possibil
There's no such thing as too many options for an RPG, if you ask me. The Mythology Manual adds in more, giving more options when dealing with deities, the fae, and shamans. There's already a Pathfinde
With the Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, Dungeons & Dragons players are getting their first chance to hop over to Wizards of the Coast's other major game, Magic: The Gathering. As one would expect
There's a new batch of Warmachine previews over on Privateer's site. Looks like some more Crucible Guard sets, including the Battle Engine that's not their Warcaster. Let's take a look. Assault
Stonemaier Games has announced a new board game they're working on. It's called Wingspan and... that's really all we have for information at the moment. Oh, it includes pastel egg tokens... that reall
We may be getting into the holiday season, but that doesnt' mean that there's some lingering Halloween to go around. Such is the case with Grind House, a survival horror board game from Everything Epi
Your thoughts on the prequel movies aside, you have to admit that there's a lot of rich meat that a Star Wars fan can really get into in terms of an RPG campaign. And that's just where Fantasy Flight'
Halfway through the week, and I realize that this is the one week this month that I've had that's a "normal" week. No going out of town. No extra days off. Just the regular 5-day workweek. ... Yay? B
Giant Robot Alert! We have Giant Robot Alert! Nerdua Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Tekkaforce. It's a miniatures game of robot combat, with the robots being customized and built by yo
Gaming is good. Giving to those that are less fortunate is good. Put them together and you've got something awesome. For the 3rd year in a row, Club Fantasci is running their Christmas Game Drive, col
There's a lot of strange stuff out there in the wastelands. Mutated creatures. Otherworldly terrain. Weird settlements. It's good to have a guide. And that's what you get with the Wasteland Almanac fo
Guardians is out there on store shelves. You can pick up your copies now. But, as with many games, it's getting expansions. In this case, it's the Uprising Hero Pack, which, as the name implies, gives
While most of the time when you think of a TIE Fighter, you're thinking of the Empire, they're not the only faction to use the cheap and nimble ship. For X-Wing, the Scum & Villainy faction is get
This holiday season, many gaming groups will be getting together, and why not pull out a special scenario for those sessions? Here, we have How Orcus Stole Christmas, a new adventure for 5th Edition,
A cold and blustery Monday has turned into a colder and blusterier (sure, we'll say that's a word, why not?) Tuesday. Makes me glad I got all my extra blankets out over the weekend. Seems Nature went,
In an alternate 19th century, dinosaurs roam the Earth. It's the world I wish I'd lived in much of my early life. Now, I can go back and do so vicariously in Sauriana, a new miniatures game by FossilP
Being a teetotaler, I don't get much use out of drinking games, myself. But I do know that many of you out there love 'em. Well, here's a new one that puts you in a wild west town, looking to clean it
The great fishing festival is about to start. But you can't have a fishing festival without fish! And every cat on Miaui is looking to bring int he greatest haul. That's the story behind Miaui, a new
I remember Mage Knight being such a huge game when it first came out. The idea of having a character's stats on a little dial that you can twist as they take damage was revolutionary. Now, WizKids has