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Year 2018

Gotham is a place that seems to be perpetually in Halloween. It's dark. It's cool. It's got people in costume running around everywhere. So, it seems only fitting that Knight Models would have a new b
It's one thing to just play a card in a game and go, "that's my spell. It happens." It's another when you actually get into the theatrics of it, swishing your hand around to create the spell. That's w
As player characters roam around the game universe, they'll naturally push the lands into a certain style of  governance and order. In Seeds of Wars, not only will your characters go on adventure
It's Halloween. Boo! And while the kiddos are out going door-to-door getting little bite-sized treats, we dont' make you go all over the neighborhood for your bite-sized gaming stories. You can just
Sometimes, you play a game and you really wish there was just more. There's a lot going on, but you want to just dive into the deep end and really swim around in the setting. That's happened to a lot
I was born and raised in Chicago. But back when I was a little kid, Lake Geneva was just "that resort town that family would always vacation at during the summer." If only I knew then that it was the
I gotta admit, I'm not a fan of pure horror movies. I very much greatly prefer horror-comedy. Give me Zombieland. Give me Evil Dead II. Give me Undead. I'll watch those a thousand times before pure ho
Who you gonna call? The Men in Black, of course. Or maybe the Ghostbusters. Or... I know... BOTH! That's what you'll be doing in Men In Black/Ghostbusters: Ecto-terrestrial Invasion, a new game comin
Condottiere puts players in Renaissance Italy, as the various power struggles happen up and down the peninsula. Will you become the greatest House and leader of this new awakening, or cast into the di
Beowulf is one of the truly classic pieces of literature. Coming to us from hundreds of years ago, it still resonates with readers now. And many people wish that they could put themselves into that he
KeyForge is almost here. In it, players will have decks made up of 3 different Houses. One of those Houses is the Martians. They've sent in their flying saucers and tripod walkers in order to crush an
In a world that has been almost entirely destroyed, in the last inhabitable city, the greatest heroes ever to walk the earth head out into the blasted, desolate wastelands, braving the horrors in orde
Tuesday, and the work week is underway. Mine's shaping up to be rather busy with various things going on. Hopefully, that'll make it go by quickly. Another thing that helps is listening to some gaming
In Horrific Journeys, a quartet of new investigators hit the streets, looking to thwart the Great Old Ones and their follower's machinations. In this preview, we get a look at them and find where thei
You're a member of an elite covert-ops team. You've got the best gear and training. Your missions include deep-cover operations in hostile territory. You're a member of Wraith Recon. And while most ga
The year is 1503 and Europe is sending out ships all over the world in order to found trading empires. The town of Seville (famous for its barbers) is a major trading hub, as captains look to recruit
The troops are bringing out the heavy artillery in Star Wars: Legion. Rebel and Imperial commanders can now employ the E-Web and 1.4 FD Laser Cannon for their armies. Got an enemy vehicle or emplaceme
Night of the Living Dead came out 50 years ago this month. It's an icon of the horror movie genre, basically laying the groundwork for all zombie movies to come. George A. Romero's classic is soon to
Teddy bears. Plushie tigers. Stuffed dragons. They may seem just like cuddly friends to hug as you fall asleep, but they're actually there to help protect you from the horrors that lurk in the night,
Frank Frazetta is one of the most iconic artists in the realm of fantasy art. His work has been turned into miniatures and prints to be enjoyed by people the world over for decades. Now, River Horse i
Fans of TGN know that I love little games that can be tossed in one's gaming backpack and carried around easily, ready to be gotten out and played at a moment's notice between sessions of other games,
Mondays... I mean, I get why Garfield wasn't a fan. I'm not really thrilled with them, either. But waddyagonnado? To have a weekend, you must have a week. And everything has a beginning. So we're at t
The Germans are heading to the front with a trio of new releases for Flames of War. Scout Vehicles abound, as does a new tank hunter platoon. From the website: Marder (7.62cm) Tank
October is about to turn over into November and then it's the holiday season. Some companies are getting into the spirit early with having holiday sales now. One such is Ataraxy Publishing and their T
In Neon Gods, players take on the role of gang leaders in a futuristic city. If your gang is going to survive, you're going to have to do some work and you're gonna have to fight. And it's those two m