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Year 2017

Along with Friday being the gateway to the weekend, Wyrd is posting up previews of The Other Side on Fridays. This time around, we get a look at Charles Edmonton and his gun. It's quite a thing. I wonder what the recoil is on something like that...
The second batch of releases for the month are now available over in the Privateer Press webshop, as well as an LGS near you (probably). This group is another batch of the elves, with some units, a solo, a warjack, and a new... well... old... new-old warcaster making an appearance.
Ok, so maybe you don't want a skirmish-sized WWII game. Maybe you want platoons and artillery and such all over the field. So you play some Bolt Action. And for those that are looking for a new force, there's a whole bunch of Polish Airborne forces you can pick up now. And I do mean a bunch.
Sometimes you don't want to play a big game of whatever. But if you're a historical miniatures fan, you might feel you've got limited options for skirmish-sized games. Well, 1-48TACTIC looks to change that. It's a WWII skirmish game where you can play with as few as 3-4 figures per side. The game is up on Kickstarter now.
Would you believe the year is half-over already? Yeah. As we stand on the cusp of July, the first half of the year is behind us. Is it going by fast for you, too? It certainly has for me. Personally, I'm ready for autumn, because it's my favorite time of year. Plus, I want to make pumpkin pie, and if I tried to serve that now, people would be all, "... no." Ah well. Since I can't munch on pumpkin pie, I can still munch on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New 15mm BMP-1P from Khurasan, New releases from Terrible Kids Stuff - July 2017, Legionary Saber Jetbike Available From Kromlech, Hand of Glory Miniatures Coming to Kickstarter Next Month, Brigade Models Release 6mm Neo-Soviet Tanks, and Cold War Miniatures Launches Hawkmen Kickstarter.

The sea is a cruel mistress. Entirely unforgiving, if you're stranded out there, the chances of survival are slim. But the spirit to continue on is strong. That's just what the survivors of the Esperanza, a ship that went down with 163 people not getting out. Four did, and they're hoping that they'll be found. But will their little raft hold together? Will they run out of rations? Will a passing ship see them? That's just what you'll be hoping for in 21 Days, a survival board game that's up on Kickstarter now.
All the races in Beyond the Gates of Antares were once human. But with the different planets they all colonized, and the different environmental factors therein, they diversified. Well, Togg's race was once human. But where he came from and if there are more like him is a mystery. Found on a crashed ship and raised by savages, he now sells out his skills to the highest bidder. And any general wanting to win might want to check him out. He's available to order now for Beyond the Gates of Antares.
When the bombs start to fall from the sky, the safest place to be is in another country that's not having such an issue... but when that's not an option, you might want to head underground. Safe (relatively) below the surface, you do your best to stay alive. It's not just the bomb blasts that might get you. You also have to worry about running out of supplies or creeping radiation. It's not easy, but it's what you're going to have to try and do in Critters Below, a survival card game that's up on Kickstarter now.
I wish it was October. I really do. It's quite possibly my favorite month. The cool temperature. The beautiful leaves. Plus, it tends to rain a lot (and yes, I realize it's been raining a lot in Atlanta these past couple days). And if I happened to be anywhere near Saint Robert, Missouri in October, I might stop by ClawCon.
Are you excited about the A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game? I'm guessing you are. It's alright. It's only natural. I know a lot of you are wanting to know more about the game before its Kickstarter launches next month. Well, to help with that, CMON has posted up a short interview with the designers where they talk about what it's like working with the IP and what they wanted for the game.
Many times I have shown my envy at the Custodians of the 40k universe. There are certainly times I've had to go into a bathroom to clean it and wish I had dreadnought armor to protect me. For those really big jobs, the Legio Custodes have the Telemon Dreadnoughts. You can order yours now from Forge World. They're available both with and without arms.
Two weeks!
Ok, it might actually be a little bit longer than that before the Total Recall board game hits Kickstarter, but the folks over at Overworld Games still figure you'd like to know about it. Is it really happening? Is it just a dream? What is real? What isn't? That's up to you to decide.
The end of the month is just a day away, but that doesn't mean it's too late to get your June releases out to the public. That's just what Zenit Miniatures has. If you're a fan of Kensei or their new sci-fi game, Last Saga, they've got new releases available for you, from individual models to army deals.
Who doesn't like saving couple bucks? I know I certainly do. I'm also a fan of far-Eastern cultures. Add those two together and you get Kaigaku being on sale for half off. Yes, that's right, Thunderegg Productions has put both the .pdf and print version of their OSR-inspired samurai RPG on sale for 50% off the regular price. Go and get your copies.
No matter how long a Kickstarter campaign is, there's always the chance you just don't have the funds available at the time. It's happened to all of us. Well, if it happened to you during the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter campaign, never fear! The Late Pledges have opened up and let you jump right in, getting all those great exclusives I know you all love so much.
The work week continues on. We'll make it to the end, though. Just another day and a half and we'll be back at the weekend. And with weekends comes gaming (hopefully). And with gaming comes gaming tables. So let's do our part to make your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Apocalypse Miniatures Running Fantasy Resin Terrain Kickstarter, Sally 4th Posts Terra-Former Kickstarter Update, Late Pledges for TerrainCrate RPG Scenery Available Now, and Hellgate: Fantasy Gaming Mat Available from Pwork Wargames.

Love is a many-splendored thing. At least, so I'm told. *is a grump and single, but waddyagonnado?* Couple get together, go on dates, fall in love. All that mushy stuff. But love is also fickle and a battlefield. Dates can and will go wrong. Will the happy couple remain one at the end? That's what you'll be trying to find out in Love Formula, a new card drafting game from Japanime Games that's up on Kickstarter now.
I wish I had a chance to watch more Rick & Morty. I've seen several episodes, but need to get them on DVD or something. Though, even with my limited knowledge, I feel I'd still get a kick out of Rick & Morty: Anatomy Park, a new board game coming from Cryptozoic and Cartoon Network (hey, CN, where's my Megas XLR game, eh?).
We're just a couple weeks away from the launch of the A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game Kickstarter (as we know it will begin sometime in July). As such, it's a good time to show off some more renders for figures that'll be part of the game. In this preview, we get a look at the Lannister Halberdiers.
The anticipation for the release of the new Legend of the Five Rings game from Fantasy Flight is growing. Just the other day, I was hearing about people getting together "buy-lists" for people headed to Gen Con, saying what they wanted their ninja-shopper friend to purchase for them. Well, at the risk of increasing the hype more (to be fair, I am, generally, a hype-increaser. It just comes with the territory), here's a preview that Fantasy Flight posted about the Dragon Clan.
It's always good to make sure you've got the most up-to-date rules for your games. You don't want to make an army, take it to the table, and then figure out that stuff's all changed when your opponent goes, "whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... hold on a minute." So, for those of you that are playing Beyond the Gates of Antares, particularly the Freeborn, you'll want to check out these updated Garrison Patrol rules. They're free to download.
So, how do you top having your rules online for free? Having them in multiple languages for free! Wyrd has announced that not only is their Malifaux rulebook available for free to download, it's available also in French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish (besides English, that is).
As I mentioned earlier today, I love when companies have their cards up online for free. In this case, it's Knight Models that's updated their online card catalog. They have posted their Suicide Squad cards for the DC Universe Miniatures Game as a free download on their website.
While I'm not one that partakes in the "herb," several of my friends have been known to (since the legalization in many places, mind you. Don't come down on me, fuzz!). I'm sure of you have been known to toke up from time to time. Well, Ludoca is creating a game for you. It's called Legal Cannabis, and it's on Kickstarter now.
I really think there needs to be more focus on WWI. Much of the world as we know it today comes from that conflict. Thankfully, there are games like The Grizzled. Speaking of which, CMON Limited has announced that they are purchasing the game from Sweet Games. Along with that, they've announced a new expansion is in the works. It's called The Grizzled: Armistice Edition and it will add a campaign mechanic to the game.