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Year 2017

Hey everyone. I hope you're enjoying your Monday. For those of you with the day off, I hope you're having a great time. I'm still posting, obviously, though from home. That's after yesterday spending
The Romans. They're one of history's most prolific conquerors. But they certainly met with a fair share of resistance from those they were looking to enlighten with civilization (or "enlighten" with "
Got some more of that industry news for you. In this instance, it's that Geek Fever Games and DPH Studioz are teaming up.From the announcement:Geek Fever Games is proud to announce the acquisition of
Many of us grew up playing classic fighting video games. I know I spent more than a few hours with Double Dragon in my NES (and losing, terribly, all the time). Well, if you want to recreate some of t
Slow Death Games is looking to add a bit of roll & bounce to their game, Wild in the Streets by introducing a new gang. These are certainly girls who are no strangers to cracking some heads. They're t
It's Saturday.But it's not just any Saturday.It's the Saturday of a 3-day weekend.Hopefully, you're out, enjoying yourselves somewhere. Be it gaming, out at the lake, a camping weekend, or whatever. B
You know, I really should get around to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 2... And for that matter, I should get around to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 1. Ok, so I'm not exactly up-to-date on my movies
Economies are big, complicated things, and keeping one running, what with its various special needs (based on the individuals in control of them), is difficult. There's going to be a need for compromi
Simply walking into battle is no fun at all. Why not drop in on your opponent from above, taking them by surprise? That's what the Airborne infantry do, and you can do it now in Bolt Action. Warlord G
Plait Hat Games has announced a new game they've been working on. In Crystal Clans, players are looking to control the four powerful crystals that will let them take over the world. They'll do this by
The weekend is just about upon us, everyone. For those in the States, it's a 3-day weekend for many. Here's to hoping that you've got some gaming plans lined up, along with whatever other activities y
Where we are now is because of a long series of decisions, situations, and happenstance. But what if anything along the way had been different? How would things change? Well, in comics, you can actual
It's New Release Day over at Steamforged Games. The next couple of releases are available for Guild Ball. I just got a game in of that last night. 12-0 Win for the Hunters against the Union. Though th
Continuing their Primarchs Series, Forge World is now taking orders for Magnus the Red. As usual, he's available in several forms. You can get him on his own, with a retinue of troops, or as a diorama
We've seen for a bit now that there's some new releases for the Freeborn coming for Beyond the Gates of Antares. They include a new starter army, if you've been wanting to jump into the game. Well, if
You demanded it, and we're here to deliver (actually, it'd been in the queue already for posting). Napoleon Saga: Waterloo, a new historical board game, is up on Kickstarter. Play out one of the most
What love "What if...?" scenarios and to see match-ups between our favorite characters. Who would win in some sort of mythical fight between two icons? Horror Boards lets you live out some of those fa
Normally, we hear about Kickstarter campaigns being pushed back from the posted release date. Things happen, and even when seemingly everything is taken into account, a release date may be missed. Sho
Let's get schwifty!A new Rick and Morty game is coming out soon from USAopoly's partnership with Steve Jackson Games. This time around, it's a game that, I'm sure, you've played at some point in time:
Whenever Warlord Games comes out with a new book, they have a pre-order for it. And whenever they have their pre-order going, those that get the book directly from them will get an exclusive figure to
We're making our way there, everyone. A 3-day weekend is nearly upon us. Have you gotten your plans set yet? I'm... still feeling mine out a bit. We'll see how it goes. But I do hope to get in at leas
Next week, Corvus Belli is going to be running a sale on some Infinity sets over in their webshop. They want to make sure you're ready for them, so they've posted a preview of what you can expect.Alep
With the new edition of Legend of the Five Rings coming out, many long-time players are wondering what their favorite clans will look like. Fantasy Flight Games has started taking a look at them, begi
The latest set for HeroClix is now available. Headlining her own set for the first time is Wonder Woman. It certainly seems about time for that to happen. Anyway, you can head over to your LGS and pic
The next batch of releases for both Warmachine and Hordes are available both in the Privateer Press webshop and at an LGS near you (hopefully, anyway). There's some biggest of the big and some rather