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Year 2017

Happy International Tabletop Day, everyone! *party cannon*I hope you're celebrating in style. I know some of you are out at KingdomCon. Others of you are at PeteCon. Still others are just hanging out
Zenit Miniatures has a new sci-fi miniatures game out called Last Saga. The first two starter sets, as well as an expansion pack and a single blister are all available in their webshop. They've also g
Modiphius is just on a roll with releases and announcements lately. They've got all their Fallout stuff going on, but they've also got a new RPG they're releasing (along with various ancillaries). It'
There's been a lot of RPG games that've come and gone over the years. Not every game stays in print forever. And you can end up with some that many people love, but aren't available anymore. Well, suc
Woo!We've made it back to Friday. We all know my love of today. But it's not just any Friday. It's International Tabletop Day Eve. Yes, tomorrow we celebrate our hobby all over the world. Hopefully yo
The Chi-Ha was one of the most-often-seen tanks being used by the Japanese during WWII. In production since the Second Sino-Japanese War, these tough and reliable tanks were used all over the Pacific,
Role playing characters level up (unless they get killed off or your group can never manage to get together for a game). It's sort of what they do. They gain new abilities and gear. Things change. So
Sure, you could just use a sharpened stick, or even just your bare hands in a fight, but that's not really going to be very effective. Instead, why not bring in the big guns, like a C3 Plasma Bombard
Here's one that I've known about for a bit, but can finally tell all of you about. CMON Inc is getting a new General Manager in the form of Adam Lovell. He's bringing a lot of experience with the gami
Your army has been fighting against the enemy seemingly forever. Your hatred of them knows no bounds. You'll do anything to stop their movement. You see them headed towards what appears to be an insig
We all know that a Dreadnaught is a very old Space Marine that went above and beyond the call of duty during his regular service, but their body has been mostly blown to bits, so they're tossed in a g
We've been seeing a lot of Soviet and German releases for Konflikt '47 recently. But that's not to say that the Americans have just been sitting around, doing nothing. The engineers have been hard at
You know, when a new edition of a game comes out, if you played the previous version, there's the potential to feel a little cheated. You already bought a rulebook once. Why should you do it again? We
During the fighting in North Africa, the British needed a tank that could match up to the German's panzers. They found that in the form of the M3 Grant. Its gun and armor made it equal to its opponent
So I'm told, occasionally, people like to get together. This seems like an odd and foreign concept, being the loner that I am. Anyway, when this "get-together" happens, often people will play games. O
The busy week of being busy continues on. Yesterday was more of the same. The one thing that's nice is that, sure, it's been busy, but it's been the good, productive kind of busy. So even though it's
An ancient evil is once more rearing its ugly head. The peace and prosperity of the land is under attack. Who will stand up to it? That would be the Diceborn, heroes who are able to utilize the power
It's April. The end of April. It's about to get really hot here in Atlanta for a couple months. I don't know about you, but I'm already wishing it was October. I mean, I have friends who always wish i
Another game that's recently had a bit of info posted about it, but I know a lot of you are clamoring for more, is the reboot of the Legend of the Five Rings card game, now being done by Fantasy Fligh
The previous announcement about the upcoming Fallout minis game was pretty bare-bones, just like a skeleton that you find out in the wastes. But it's getting a bit fleshed out, with some more info abo
There were just so many releases coming from Privateer Press this month that they had to split it into two groups. For those with a love of the undead, your wait is over, as the new Cryx Command book
When playing Dungeons & Dragons, your class is pretty important. Even your race or alignment really isn't quite as important for your character as your class is. Those others might come up from time t
How many of you would love to travel through time? Maybe you just want to see how things end up in the future, or check out some major event of the past, or maybe you've just got a history test coming
If you're playing an RPG set in a medieval fantasy setting, it's not too difficult to find bunches of magical gear with which you can equip your character or dangle in front of your players for them t
Modiphius has started taking pre-orders for their new sci-fi RPG, Cold and Dark. This isn't your bright and shiny sci-fi, but more your dark and scary sci-fi, with murderous aliens around every corner